Lawn Mower Meditation



Well, I’m fresh off a lawn mower.  I’ve done my fair share of meditating on one.  With the sun out, the hum of the motor and the rhythm of going back and forth… and yes, on occasion, I make crop circles and designs.  While I’ve had a variety of lawn mowers over my life, this one is the slowest.  Yet, I’m grateful to have it.  So it reminds me to slow down, there is no rush.  The job will get done.

I started my day in my lawn chair meditation.  I remember years ago listening to guided meditations and music.  At times yes, it did really help.  Other times, it just frustrated me.  One day as I stood at a sink full of dishes, I was able to slip into a peaceful state of mind verses just doing the task at hand.  I washed each dish in love.  I then found it again as I folded laundry.  Simple everyday tasks became a blessing verses a chore.  I was encoding my energy into everything.

The Universe once told me, use what you have.  I’d been complaining.   I wanted to teach and had run into a few road blocks.  So I stood there and could acknowledge that I had a brain, a laptop and a roof over my head.  Complaining doesn’t work.  Gratitude does.  And we do have resources at our disposal.  It’s own choice in how we use them.  Look again and get creative!

A few things have came to my attention over the past few days.  Some of it seemed like a review, yet also new incite. So I pass along for all the following in a grab bag style.  Take what serves you.

Trust.  In life, we often measure our level of trust when it comes to our relationships with others. Think on how much you trust your mate, family, friends, co-workers, strangers, our government, this world.  Some freely trust all.  Some, only a few.  And the amount can vary.  Then when one turns inwards and learns to trust the Universe, this can be huge.  Then, to realize that you are the Universe so, therefore you can/do trust yourself – also huge.  I know for me there was a period in my life where I felt I made a handful of wrong choices and I remember saying, I don’t trust myself to make another decision.  I had best intentions yet, with each choice they seemed to go, not as planned.  Yes, this is a, hint hint from the Universe.  For me, I needed a big change yet had settled into thinking of only the, too normal choices.  And after my last post, there comes a time where you just need to, surprise yourself.

Often we do trust our/in a higher guidance/power.  Yah!  So can you trust that this guidance is really just, you. A you that has already succeeded and is turning back and helping to guide you.  So when you see a sign, hear a whisper or get a nice surprise, can you trust that your higher self placed it there for you. Even when it seems like it’s a very different energy, it’s still you – an aspect.  While I’ve know this for quite some time, for writing purposes often it’s easier to label the energy as Spirit/Angels/Universe/Them (and often they do present this way).  We have been, everything.  This is a well planned out and very big picture.

So not matter what the predicament is, you have already worked through the issue.  You are your own creator.  You do create your own destiny each and every moment.  Just think, what would my higher self do in this moment?  At times, no action is needed or simple and obvious is best.  Other times, bold and innovative.  Right now, talk to your higher self which is in your heart.  The heart doesn’t stop beating, it keeps things, flowing.

A lot has been written on manifesting.  And many have spent years trying to manifest, learning that it doesn’t come as easily as they thought. We each hold a vibration; a complex one.  You might ask for a new job/car/house yet if in your vibration you’re worried about starting over, the payment, change… well then, the Universe will then often match that vibration till you request/reach a higher vibration.  The Universe is protecting you.  So scan yourself.  It’s easy.  How do you feel?  Are you knowing, calm and at peace?  Are you sending out a clear intention?  Does what you seek, feel like a match?

And… there are many other reasons  involved when it comes to manifesting.

Ask for help in remembering.  A sign, dream or whisper.  Then ask for help being a vibrational match to what you seek.  Then, you turn the key.  You give yourself permission to receive the gift (from your higher self/angel/guide).  You are following in your own footsteps.  Your higher self knows you and how to get your attention.  Therefore you aren’t missing a thing.

A teacher is only as good as their energy is.  That’s what I heard and I paused and totally agreed.  Know that all teachers are doing their best and do serve.  All teachers are needed.  When the student is teacher, the teacher will appear.  Again, this is a vibrational thing.

Right now, don’t stand in your own way of your happiness.  Loosen up, relax and think high thoughts.  Whatever stage you are in, in your journey, it’s go time.  You decide the, go.  Go the bed, to seek out new information, to meditation, to a new trail/town/city, etc.  It’s time to do the work/play and reap the reward.

Well, I seemed to start a chain reaction.  Others are now cutting their grass.  It’s a great day here to be outside.  (Keeping other areas of the world in my thoughts and prayers.)  It’s a great day to be alive.  Meditate on!  Everything can be done in love!


4 comments on “Lawn Mower Meditation

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  3. I have not mowed in a long time. As a child my once my Dad got a drivable lawn mower, he no longer let anyone else cut the grass. (I wasn’t complaining about less chores.) Now I live in an apartment, so others cut the grass for me.

    I went out walking today, and donated some to Japan earthquakes when I got home. Now things are slowing down. The heat is still on in our building, no way to turn it off. So here I am with my little fan, and windows wide open. Which makes me sneeze, but mild allergies are better then cook’n. Soon to be seeking refuge in the shower.

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