Flip Book Clearing


Well, I went to bed and I’m back up.  At times with the incoming full moon, I seem to sleep less.  A full moon will bring things to light.  As I stood outside, I smiled.  It’s beautiful – nothing scary.  At this point, as many of us who’ve been riding along on this awakening wave for months/years, I think just about everyone is at a slightly different place.  For me, the past several days have been good… yet they seem as if time is standing still.   

(Usually days fly by for me.)  So they feel productive and like there is no rush. There’s even been free time to read a book.  I’ve been at peace and open for guidance. I get these burst of knowing’s/messages/signs yet it’s been very… still.  My inner knowing is to keep moving yet to go slow right now.  (There are times to pause and times to put your foot to the pedal.)  We are anchoring our next step/plan in this stillness.

So I’m practicing what I preach by living and honoring what arises.  For me, this is not a time to question.  This is a time to, trust.  I do get the sense that the wild roller coaster ride we’ve been on is getting ready to turn into a merry-go-round.  This also makes me smile.  There will still be the ups and downs (expanding and contrasting) as we ride our horse, yet we now have a solid foundation underneath – also meaning we can move around on this ride as it goes round and round.

I’ve felt energy moving in me again (it’s an odd feeling).  This has happened a few times now over the past several months.

I’ll also mention, I’ve had these, flip book moments.  As if my life was being flashed before me in quick random scenes.  The first time, most of the pictures were from my much earlier days and memories I’d forgotten.  The second time, a certain picture seemed to stop the flip book and I had a quick yet important personal a-ha.  I thought to myself, you have changed and it’s time to now think different about this situation/memory.  I did shed a few tears, sent off a prayer/energy and was then at peace again.  Clearings now seem much faster for me – Alleluia!

I wouldn’t be surprised if some things are getting ready to, flip around.  Keep the faith, take care of yourself and do what you love.

❤ to you and sweet dreams.



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