And there was light


I’ve been on this journey in reality all of my life(s).  There are moments where it all catches up and you have such clarity.  I AM… in one of those moments.  I’ve been spiritual for years but my understanding of this last year has been limited/different.  While I’ve written on as much as I understand, I seem to have more comfort now.  This past year has been about building a light body. While I’ve identified myself as a lightworker for years, I didn’t truly understand what this part of the process meant.  It always means more than we think.

Before I had a very human journey with spiritual moments. Then stages. Discernment, learning, healing, and then to my surprise a death.  In between all of this have been highs and lows, a lot of stripping away and some frustration.  While I’ve felt ascension symptoms (on and off) for several years now, this past year has felt different at times and didn’t seem to fall into the traditional list.  While I’ve written on these moments as they’ve arisen for me, I know that it will be different for each person.

Today though, I realized, it’s all been worth it.  Absolutely!   (Not that a held a doubt, lol.)  We do hold gifts/treasures and I’m to bring mine wherever I go.  Well, we already do this yet, this seems to be on an even higher level.

When I started this blog, I was already several years into my journey.  My private writing held many stories, as well as some confusion and pain.  Now, I can’t even remember that woman who was burnt-out and fearful, yet didn’t know this.  Then, I could remember I’d been joyful and strong years before.  This blog is (and is not) me.  It’s about us.  I have wanted to provide hope and optimism so we all could get through this.  In big and small ways, we’ve all changed with each post.

Over the past few months, I’ve been feeling changes that I can’t describe at times.  Within the past few weeks, I feel like I’ve stepped out of a spiritual fog/cocoon.  I now see how a spiritual journey is taken so serious.  For many it’s been a struggle and painful.  Both mentally and physically. Too painful.  I was thinking, if I’d only remembered this part.  Or if an Angel would have told me to, lighten up even more and not to be so hard on oneself.  Even in my career days, I was my own boss and held a very high standard on my performance.  Universe, lesson learned.

Ascending through pain can serve a purpose.  It does release the past.  What adds to the pain though, is, with the unfamiliar, we’re on guard and in an alert and serious vibe.  (It’s a primal instinct and part of our roots yet we are moving on to a newer, lighter form.)  It can be exhausting.  It can stir up questioning/uncertainty which can delay the process.  Well, not always.  This process does take time and comes in stages; no sunburn from too much exposure. And one can learn a lot from the questions.  It can be easier though, and with even more joy moments… if you allow this.  The mind struggle is a very clear sign and reminder.  Get out of your mind and in time you’ll learn how to use it differently.  Stay open, trusting and in and with love.  Only love will get you to the place you wish to be.

Awakening is a never ending process and the stages take however long they take.  Months, years, decades, lifetimes. At times they seem never ending but look back and see how far you’ve already come.  Some time ago I wondered if I’d know when my light body was, complete.  Like how long it would it take to build a light body?  How about a lifetime.  Going from carbon to crystal, changing dna and so much more that I just don’t know enough to write on now… but I will.  You’ll know when your body is online enough.  And we have always been, perfect and complete.

I also believe the future waves will wake up faster because they don’t hold as much pain/denial/history/karma.  And the new waves coming in will hold much remembrance.  The youth are our reminders to have, fun.

So if you are in the thick of it, I write this to remind you, you can and will get through this.  I, too, have been there.  I feel as if I’ve been striving for something for years now.  I’ve been smiling the past few days feeling like, I’m there.  What/wherever this is.  It feels like:

  • Wisdom and Clarity.
  • Patience and Peace.
  • Laughter and Music.
  • Light and Love.

So I enjoy because, the dance continues on… always.


(note for later:  7 Chakra crystals = 7 angel halo’s = light ring tones/vibrations = anchoring 7D, learning my own form of light language)

4 comments on “And there was light

  1. I had a breakthrough or release of some sort in the early hours. Shifting gears and shifting in general. I think I am in a “doing” stage now. Time to take action rather than sit back and let shit happen to me all the time. Oh and today is the 20th – the end of the last stage and beginning of the next. Yay? lol

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  2. Glad you are glad. I am kind of unsure if I am converting D.N.A. or building a Light body. If I am that is cool. I am being in the moment, more then focusing on ascension. (The moment being my short allergy season.)

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    • I felt like for me it was DNA first. That was all the clearing and pulling in new aspects/timelines yet it goes hand in hand with waking up your crystals. This process goes round and round for me so it will be explained and then reviewed as the months/years/process go on. Blessings to you ❤

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