Where it all comes together


Wow, wow, wow! Days of stillness and now the winds are whipping again. Things are stirring! Today I’m excited like a kid getting ready to go on vacation (yet I’m not quite sure, why).  The energy does feel great and I’m sending it to you, too. 

I’ve heard often in the Spiritual arena and have come to learn that Spirit’s plan is far greater than anything you can come up with. It is!  In some ways, I’ve already had my life and achieved all the goals I had, and yes, a few surprises. A successful and diverse 17 year medical social work career. A marriage and divorce. Children :), a house, car and a few nice vacations and, all by the time I was 39. Then I had a few years of nothing I had a comparison to. At times it felt like a different kind of struggle, depression, weirdness or an early mid-life crisis. I also knew it was a spiritual journey that held powerful moments of a-ha’s, healing and bliss. During these years, a writer was born which would start a list of, I never thought I’d do that.

This past year my messages/guidance from Spirit changed. From messages of love, healing and wisdom to some pretty far out stuff. To be honest at times I tried to dismiss them and when I did listen, doubted them often. I didn’t understand where all of this was going. I’d often joke, I just want to be a medium/channel and a teacher. Why do I need to know about this?  Well, I also kept asking for my Divine plan and to lessen the struggle so what I didn’t realize was, they were telling me. The Universe will take you way, way out of your comfort zone to then loop back around almost within a day, to explain it all. I do love these moments.

In the past few years I’ve thought about being a hospice volunteer, a life couch, a medium, an awakening guide, a spiritual teacher, t-shirt designer (let me know if you’re interested, I have ideas, lol) and a retreat/B&B owner (although I’d need a divine jackpot/blessing to make that one happen). All of the spiritual kind. I’ve probably had a few other ideas along the way as well. While I have, in moments, been or looked into most of these thoughts, I still hadn’t found my unique calling.  In a way that felt right. Many I tried yet encountered road blocks and resistance which surprised me. I AM a lightworker, lol. I knew months ago that for those who’ve been riding this wave, that it was going to give us the option to become, specialized. The ways of past and current healers and teachers are not really our way.

It takes incredible patience and persistence to get to your Divine Plan. It also takes courage. You have to open up and let go and then do this another 100 times. So a few days ago I found where two very different energies/themes/stories came together. Yet rather quickly I thought I had it all figured out. Ha! Another big energy came in. Was I to just drop the other?  No. Start weaving. Look at the big picture. And when I did, I saw a fourth energy (a series of messages I receive years ago). It all came together and involved, me/us. And for all I know, more threads will be weaving in.

Know that we didn’t come here to be average or normal. We came here to be, trailblazers. Our gifted and unique self.  So start weaving. We are making our new coat and it is colorful!

I’ll note some of the threads.  This is also about sharing and building a community.  Multidimensional work – yup, that, too.

  • Awakening, wisdom teachings, cellular clearing and pulling up the next wave yet in a newer way.
  • This plane communications and finding your tribe telepathically, a lightworkers Morse code of sorts.  Lightworkers working TOGETHER (new ways that make past efforts/ways, sorry to say, pale in comparison).
  • Suicide/depression/anxiety, lightworkers AND the medical and mental health system. It involves the science and making a new way of knowledge and support.
  • Music, laughter (lighten up).
  • 7+D, vortex’s, sacred sights and photography. (*)
  • An incoming wave of souls – 2020.
  • Female Gospels. (I haven’t publically written on this yet but they are not lost, just encoded.  Many have/do channel Mary Magdalene yet there are more perspectives.)



(*) Note to self/all, towards end of article 🙂  www.selftransform.net/DNA_and_Soul.htm

4 comments on “Where it all comes together

  1. I’ve had similar thoughts swirling. Different careers floating around. None have caught my attention. I figure I will just know and it will come about at some point. But yes, the winds are swirling. Tomorrow it will kick into high gear. Who knows, maybe some of us will start working together?? 😉

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