Spiritual Writing, Vibration & Grammar Rules


Today I awoke with an issue that was stirring in my mind and heart.  I really felt ready to understand and to be guided by Spirit.  I wanted, comfort.  I knew this situation was/had been serving me yet I was ready to transcend it.  The weather called for clear sky yet as I sat outside in meditation, thunder boomed.  Dark clouds came in.  I chuckled since this was not on the radar. 

A friend had sent me a book and I quickly read the first few chapters.  Now, I jumped to the last few, knowing that I needed to read them, now.  The last few chapters held a very different vibration and the words opened me up more than my attempt at meditation.  I was in a very deep place of peace and knowing.  I’ve had this happen many, many times.  Written word, the word choice and style, was able to do for me what I couldn’t at that moment.  All you can do is pause, put the book down, breathe and know.

I’ve always been a bad speller.  I also had great difficulty in school with reading and writing yet now I love both.  When I started blogging, I was a bit concerned.  I’ve often found very obvious spelling errors after I hit publish (ugh).  At times, even in the title (yikes).  Ha, I did it for this post (grammer vs. grammar).  Spirt once told me I spell a certain way for a reason and not to doubt it so, I don’t let it stop me.  I released all the memories of the red pen marks on decades of paper.  And thank goodness now for spell check (wordpress though doesn’t always seem to spell check my title line, lol).

Years ago I was on an editing team.  I learned much about, “proofing.”  I know/knew the rules.  Yet with my spiritual writing, those rules go out the window.  A few years ago I sent a sample of a manuscript to a few places to be edited.  Finding an editor is like finding a favorite pair of jeans.  They need to fit, feel right and make you feel special/really good when your in them.  While I meet amazing and dedicated souls and was open to their wisdom, I also became (in large parts) my own editor.

What did help was having a different perspective.  At times a writer can get too, in their own story and assume the reader is psychic, lol.  A really good editor may also argue with you about every last sentence structure.  I can’t get that, in my head/analytical, when I write.  I feel certain words, etc. need to be as I write/express them.

All writing holds a vibration.  All writing is spiritual.  When a reader allows, the vibration can change you.  In our modern day word… haha, exactly… world of so much, I even fall into the trap of reading articles too quickly.  I have to remind myself to, go slow and feel the message.

So it all hold a meaning. The  { … } for pauses.  The comma’s in a certain place and even the misspellings.  The picture, the time published and at times, totally unbeknownst to the writer.  I will say that with just about each post I’ve written, I’ve encoded a certain energy for remembrance and healing.  They might appear one way yet I understand the various levels/ways.  You can’t judge a post/book by the title/picture/cover 🙂

Write in Spirit.  Write and read with Spirit.

As for my issue… well, probably the largest butterfly I’ve ever seen came and danced around me.  Oh how I wished my camera was within arms reach!  And the booms stopped and the sun reappeared.  All is well.

I love you, butterfly kisses and angel wing hugs!

2 comments on “Spiritual Writing, Vibration & Grammar Rules

  1. I make do many editing mistakes. My eldest sister was an editor for a newspaper. I, however, often cannot see errors until a long time after I’ve written something.

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