Pack a bag


So here’s just an example.  I haven’t traveled in a while.  I used to be a road runner (beep beep) and I do love travel and adventure.

I heard a whisper to, pack a bag.  My logical brain said… why?  Not a productive use of time.

Yet… I did.  How do you pack when you don’t know where’s your going?  So I opened up my mind and heart to Spirit.  And I found a bag and opened that.  Hmm… empty (this is not a bad thing).  Spirit guide me in packing.  In less than 15 minutes, I was done.  And I actually had the biggest smile on my face.  I had just raised my vibration and it was interesting to see what I’d packed.  This creation would make for a fun trip.  So I’m not sure when or where this bag is going.  Really, who cares.

It’s about BEING the vibration you seek.  So it doesn’t matter if it’s a new relationship, job or adventure.  FEEL it.  Be it.  Then watch what you need fall into place naturally.  It’s all there.  Everything.  We might not see/believe it but, it’s a vibrational thing.  What you seek is just waiting on you – get up to speed with what you want.  No fear, doubt or complaining.  Just do it!  Live like you are dying.  Enjoy life in small and big ways.  Open up your heart, mind… and possibly a bag 🙂

Travel light.  Travel in love.  Godspeed.

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