Pulses and Patterns

Central Park, New York City

I seem to notice that every few weeks/months a certain, “pulse” is sent out.  If you’re an empath…

You might be having a fine and dandy day and then… a mood.  You might feel grumpy, sad, or anxious.  I usually take a few minutes and slow everything down and meditate.  Is this energy something that I need to know about personally and clear?  Is it unbeknownst to me an anniversary and cellular memory?  A release and/or an a-ha (a new level of understanding) moment?

Or… are the veils just very thin in the moment and I’m feeling another aspect of myself? (as I’m not having such a great moment)

Or… is this collective stuff?

It might be a mix of it all 🙂  Regardless, the only thing that works is… LOVE.  Love yourself and the collective of which you are a part of.  Breathe, honor and take care of yourself.  Know that these pulses are not you.  Let them come and go.  Do the best you can in the moment and no more.  We came here to balance and maintain peace and love.

Picture (Central Park, New York City Bethesda terrace) found in this post. Unsure of original artist.  Beautiful.  Article also great.  🙂


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