The energy the past few days (for me) has been up and down.  Moments of absolute clarity as well – will write more later.  Dreams… like crazy.  I awoke this morning saying, THE MESSENGER DOVES HAVE BEEN RELEASED.  Waking up in this house is often interesting, lol.  I saw and felt it and, it was glorious.  I love doves – symbols of love.  Know that the Divine is at work… always. 

Be open to incoming messages.  Things are not always as they appear.  While it might be a phone call or email, I’d be open to those more random moments.  Expect communication to be, flying.  Even if your haven’t heard or felt a Spirit whisper, now might be the time.  See what’s in your astral voice mail.  And while I feel this is really good news coming to you, know that all messages assist in guiding us.

The day after I wrote this post, I awoke to doves, cooing.  I smiled.  Then later that day while I was outside, there was a variety of sounds.  Cars, neighbors, wind chimes… and then in the background, doves.  I focused on their song.  The vibration of love.  Yes, this is just like listening to Spirit.



One comment on “Doves

  1. The Messenger Doves have been released! How wonderful! The Divine is at work, always. “See what’s in your astral voice mail.” Haha! That’s great! Keep dreaming!

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