Detachment and the Spiritual Journey


I seem to remember recently seeing the words, Divine Neutrality.  Yet… these words didn’t sink in.  Two simple words.  While my logical mind knows what they mean, I didn’t understand them. 

When one has been on this journey for a while, certain patterns/lessons/messages seem to surface.  You’ll notice the cyclical nature of this journey.  Now, I was a bit surprised when a wall came out of nowhere for me.  I’d been in a great energy so this caught me off guard.  One will encounter lulls, swamps and mountains so… usually one of two things will get me back into the flow – mediation/being reminded or time/working it out.  I then realized this was a new, deeper lesson.  Only now was I ready.  I did ask for it.  I’d been having a spirt of a-ha moments and said, If I have one more a-ha… 

In this journey, I’ve learned to think loose and open up.  I’ve learned to, let go and to, surrender.  These words didn’t seem to help though in this moment.  Interesting, the word that did was, detachment.  This is Divine neutrality and it is peace.  For many it can be a challenge to be in this state all or even some/most of the time.  One will quickly realize where you’ve invested energy.  You might also see areas that you wish to have more, peace.

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Detachment is not being passive in an uncaring way.  It is being very present. It can assist in seeing illusions and help with relationships and manifesting your hearts desires.  It can become a way of being.  It is sovereignty… which is freedom… which is your birthright.

For many, months ago seeds were planted and now, we’re looking to see if those seeds are, sprouting/producing.  On this journey, you’ll feel periods where momentum is growing or that the timing is right.  This will easily convince your mind that a certain “thing” will happen.  We can’t, though, get too invested in what was planted.  Things… including you, change all the time.  Your job is to create.  To sow unlimited seeds.  You do get to decide which seeds you’d like to plant and which weeds you’d like to pull.  A farmer doesn’t stand over their field watching for a particular seed to spout.  They do keep an eye on their crop, water/etc. as needed and trust.  In time, they reap the harvest.

We live and have been conditioned in a world of, producing.  Outcome.  Proof.  Justification.  We can also quickly judge – right verses wrong when really, it’s all good!  Ponder on, what brings you peace, and do you really, need?  Which energy are you creating from (and maintaining)?  Which energy are you feeding?  Harmony or discord?  Belief or disbelief?  Like attracts like. Really the details/end result doesn’t matter.  The vibration does.  Don’t hold away what you so wish for.  It’s called, JOY!

So there are times to pause and times to move on/get busy.  When you hold on too tightly, don’t be surprised if a wall/frustration/a crash or burnout comes.  Control doesn’t work.  For many, this is a rite of passage moment… if you will just allow this.  Awaken more.  Wider.  Rise above.  Ride a higher vibration that is just waiting for you verses holding on to what is already the past.  If it’s meant to be, nothing can stop it.

Cycles are happening much quicker now.  A-ha’s and releases that used to take weeks are now happening in minutes.  Walls that used to hold us in place, at times for months or years, can vanish overnight.  What you want is possible.  Sweep away the drama/doubt energy.  We don’t have time to backslid or stall in an energetic rut.  Tune yourself to what you desire.  Ask for what you need and then feel blessed (because you are).  Even if you were let down in the past, it’s in the past.  The Universe will initiate/test/bless us as many times as needed until one understands/remembers.  It will be an issue as long as we (energetically) make it an issue.

Walls aren’t a bad thing.  They can protect us.  Yet, we must let them fall, enter the void and reemerge. There is a piece/peace that needs to become clear.  Detachment is the void. So if your not aware of, or comfortable with, this void – it’s hard to hold neutral energy in everyday life.  The void is nothing to be afraid of although at first it may seem quiet/lonely/scary.  One can try to skirt around it.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stepped into it and stayed until I came out the other side.  For me (unbeknownst) I was afraid of much.  I could easily say it was often another or a certain situation yet then discovered, the hardest part was facing myself.  Once you make peace with yourself, you can make peace with anything.  (Haha, still don’t like snakes and a few other things though.)

The example that seemed to work for me more recently was finding my own personal crossing.  The gift of knowing who you are and just a part of your divine plan.  It can happen in a moment or after years of discernment.  To be at peace with this.  Then to overlap that X/crossing with the Universes plan.  A union that is for the best interest of all involved.  While you might not know the Universes plan, make peace.  Trust.  Let the Universe do its part.   This is a co-creating experience.  Your will + Divine will = quantum jump forward 🙂  Get ready because, it’s happening.

In hindsight, I do remember hearing Abraham Hicks saying, Go Neutral.  Now I know this.  But what does this mean?  Take the energy/charge out of the situation and allow life to happen.

This is also about transcending energy.  You are not manifesting in separation/lack/need.  You are manifesting in wholeness.  From your heart and with the Universal heart. You are not separate from what you desire.  Only you can take your happiness away from yourself.  So stop before you do this.  Love will guide you home.  Neutrality is a super power.  When one shifts, we all shift.  Now, let’s shift.  ♥

12 comments on “Detachment and the Spiritual Journey

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  4. I agree with Mary, very beautifully written. I have been prodded to start blogging my journey for some time, now. I hope I. can learn to write this well.

    I also love your co-creating equation.

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    • Kitty! Oh my, thank you so much for these kind words. I had to re-read the post to see what I wrote, lol. I often write with Spirit. It just pours out – good stuff. And you will do the same. I often write that I NEVER planned to start a blog (400+ posts later). Often after I post I think, well… that’s it, no more blogging yet before I know it, I’m right back at it. Wherever you start is awesome. Don’t think about it, just take it one small step/post at a time. I often look back and can see how much I’ve changed. I can’t wait to read your blog. Keep me posted. Hugs!


  5. The void is very deep. I was on a medication that made me narcoleptic. I’d randomly fall asleep in class. Once I was feeling a little tired, then all was a great void. No thoughts, no sight, no time, no knowledge of who I was. It was a great Blackness, without even noticing the dark. Out of this nothingness came the thought, “I’m in class.” With that thought came complete knowledge of who I was, and that I really shouldn’t be in the void at that moment. I came back to, and had no idea how long I was gone.

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  7. Molly, this is really a beautiful post. It contains a lot of wisdom, and it’s really well written. Detachment from good/bad, right/wrong judgement really does bring peace. Practicing it on a daily basis is difficult, but gets easier with time. I love that term, “Divine Neutrality.”

    I love this line -“Trust. Let the Universe do its part. This is a co-creating experience. Your will + Divine will = quantum jump forward.”

    Peace, Love and Trust,

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