FUN and Spirituality


Wow… I made a “proclamation” days ago and if I needed synchronicities/reminders, yesterday was full of them.  Many on this wave awoke through pain.  Many are still in struggle and pain.  It stops when it stops although, I encourage you to just shake yourself.  Snap out of the old and into the new you.  The new is awe some.

I’m ready for fun… even more!  And you??  The energy for me this morning is a bit intense and scattered.  While I can be ADD at times, it’s not me.  I actually feel calm.  I tried to check in to get a message/guidance, and well… it just needs to settle.  A lot seems to be fluttering about.  Remain calm.  You’ll probably see much swirling around you.  It’s your choice if and how you react.

Because you’re in your energy, you’ll see opportunities that other’s don’t.  You’ll also see others who are holding a similar vibration – your kind.  And those that might need your help/reminder.  What is a big deal to other is so simple for you (to solve/avoid).

Yesterday I had a wave of the bliss energy.  At times when one rides this wave, no words/guidance come and you just enjoy and dance with it.  Other times it helps to get things done.  It feels like a passion/purpose energy pulse.  Years ago when this started happening for me, I didn’t know how to explain it and I didn’t see any writing on it.  Was I loosing my mind?  No!  Your brain in being flooded with energy for a reason.

It can get, spiritually drunk high.  You don’t take anything serious and everything is funny.  High on life/spirit/energy.  I don’t recommend driving although it often comes unannounced.  You are always protected.  After the energy is gone though, you human mind might ask questions like, where was I?  What did I do?  You might find that you said a few, “I love you man.” or let out a secret.  You might find that you made an online impulse buy or sent a message that normally your mind would have stopped you from. Regardless… it’s all good.  There are no mistakes.  Really, all there is, is now.  Maybe these things needed to happen/be said.  I just want to bottle it because it’s free.  This is what people pay money for (alcohol/drugs/medication).  I also believe it’s available to everyone.  It’s part of the awakening package.  🙂

Okay loves.  I’m thinking of you today.  Let’s see how life unfolds.  Remember who you are.  Wise, centered, love and light.  You are also, JOY!

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