The Notebook


No, not Nicholas Sparks’s… mine.  Both though are a love story.  I started keeping a notebook (like a college student) years ago.  From there I often decided what to write on.  Seriously, you don’t need to know all my crazy thoughts.

When I’d receive a message, I usually write it down because I didn’t remember a word that was said after I was out of the zone/energy.  Even today, I often don’t. Yet now the zone/my availability is pretty much 24/7.  And more and more is happening.  It’s a mix of dreams, signs, Spirit whispers and your knowing.  Often it’s random and I noticed when I looked back, I could then see the message the Universe was trying to relay to me.  I had to get up to speed with the vibration or look at it in a different, light, to see the perfection in, why (I’d placed that sign/situation before me).  Love notes and small gifts often (although at times I didn’t always see it as such).

So no wonder this process can be slow.  It’s one thing to receive a message, another to read over your notes, but to then type them (this does take time), it seemed to help engrain them. When one receives a message, you are changed right then and there yet, it’s so easy to forget/go back to sleep.  Becoming a living example of that which you receive is a process in itself.  An invitation.  I think the same happens when one reads a book.  An a-ha can happen but one can then be forever changed or within minutes, forget.

I’ve been thinking of this new wave of spiritual teachers.  While we have many examples out there… you are not any of these examples.  Whatever is/has been done… that’s probably not what you’ll be doing.  The ones that we need to pull up are, and are not, like us.  They ways that served us (often through struggle – I know, why would be do this…?  Exactly!  To change this.) are not necessarily going to be helpful for them.  Be open to learning from others as well.

It’s also important to think on what works for you.  You’re supposed to be happy, comfortable and it should be convenient for your lifestyle.  It should come with the ease of being supported by the Universe.  We are not to be, killing our self/overworked.  Often we’re conditioned to think, what’s needed?  Well, you are and if it’s good for you, it will be good for your group.  Also think on, what do you wish you’d been told/reminded?   Create your own style, nitch… space.  Think variety, unlimited, not yet done.  Do it your way 🙂  That will be great!  We didn’t come here to be robots.  We came here to create, express and be change agents.

I also chuckle when I hear the word choose of, build your platform.  Well, this is a good idea yet for the new teachers, many know that a platform isn’t enough.  We are everywhere and everything – always changing.  Platform not required.  Teaching in the everyday moments of life is just as important as being in a spotlight.  In some form or fashion, we are all teachers.  Teach on!  ♥


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8 comments on “The Notebook

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  2. I needed to have a journey separate from the one I have of heartbreak, love, and life… I needed one specifically honoring and highlighting segments of this soul discovering journey I’ve been embarking on. Great post as always Love!

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