Does anyone know what’s going on?


Yes and… no.  For me, over a week ago everything slowed  w-a-y  down for several days.  It wasn’t a bad feeling, it’s just I felt it.  Then this past week has been a blur.  I awaken and then feel like it’s bedtime.  I’m doing, stuff yet…  So I asked for guidance. 

In the slowing down, I seemed to (unconsciously yet consciously) be making choices that then anchored to a timeline.  This is probably true for most of us.  Now this week, I’m catching up to that timeline.  One doesn’t need to “do” anything though.  The energy goes first to pave the way.  Wow – talk about a fast forward.  And I agree.  Many of us have been requesting, change.  So we’ll understand more as this unfolds and the timing will be perfect.

I’ve believed for some time now that we each hold a piece of this puzzle.  We are blessed to be able to reach out, connect and help each other fill in the gaps.  Yet pulling in is also so important.  You rule your Universe.  Only you know what’s best for you.  Yet one can do both (reach out and pull in) and still be confused.  My advice – let go!  Trust the process.  We’re in new territory 🙂  We all seem to have some remembrance yet the blinders haven’t come off yet.

So I’ll share this tidbit I worked on this week.  More later 🙂

I do know that we are more right on than we realize.  Yet, I was asking for guidance about emotions.  At times I feel certain feelings – like I’m off course.  I have a Tolle CD and used to listen to it often as I drove.  I ❤ Tolle.  He taught me the power of now; to be present.  After working in the hectic and fast paced world and being the queen of multi-tasking, and thinking this was a good thing, I needed to slow way down.  It was a process.

I once heard (because every time you listen, you hear something different) Tolle say, the thought is the lie and the emotion is the truth.  Okay.  Years later, this wasn’t working for me.  The emotion might be the truth but I’ve come to learn the emotion is the invitation to check in.  One emotion can lead you to multiple layers of, why.  At times your body is releasing an emotion/history/lie yet it will make you feel like something is wrong.  Nothing is wrong.  Your body is just doing what it needs to do, yet our analytical mind goes into foreign/alert mood.  Allow your body to tune you to the right vibration.  I’ve often meditation on a feeling/issue to then be surprised.  At times, it did match.  Other times, when I got into my heart space, I learned the real story.  I was often humbled and knew then what action to take.  Our perception if often so small and limited.  We have this gift to gain a wider perspective.  Be sure to be using your Mastery.

Much love to you!  Guru on!

6 comments on “Does anyone know what’s going on?

  1. I’ve noticed time either going really fast or slowing down to a crawl lately. As strange as it may sound, I know the timelines are being messed with. I wonder if this has anything to do with what is going on.

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  2. Hey Molly,
    Yes, isn’t time just the weirdest thing? It just isn’t real, which makes it all that much more interesting.
    I totally agree with you about trusting your own process.
    You were talking about emotions and thoughts. I really liked what you said about the Tolle quote. I think we can use our emotions for a lot of things. I liked what you said, “emotion is the invitation to check in.” That is very true for me. It lets me know if there is something way in there that still needs love and healing. I also find that emotion is great energy available to us, or the action that assists us in following through on something. I don’t think thought is always a lie. I have some pretty great thoughts! 🙂 I just have to be careful to discipline my thoughts because they can get really carried away, especially with emotion fueling them! I think thought and emotion are available to us in this physical body, and we just need a higher discernment to know when it is a lie and when it is truth and I think our Hearts know, if we really tune in.
    I enjoy all your thoughts on this spiritual journey that we are all walking together, Molly. You seem very dedicated to self growth. Times are so interesting/difficult/weird/enlightening right now. It is an honor to be in physical body right now to experience it fully. For me, the hardest part of this is the devastation of the planet that I adore.
    Anyway, I hope you have a lovely day.

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