A-ha = Hug


An a-ha is like a hug.  We wrap our loving arms around and embrace.  At times it’s a quickie yet other times, we hold on.  The person/situation/new insight we might not have been able to embrace before.  It’s no longer, scary.  We are ready and certain.  It is warm, inviting and needed.  Oh, it feels so good.  A revelation.  Epiphany.  Enlightenment.  The light has turned on.  A shift in perception.  Hugs to you!

Even better…


Pictures/writing like an 11 year old?  Yes, because you don’t have to be so serious/ intellectual every day.  Be like a kid.  Life is simple and good.  Spirit is simple and childlike.  Cheers!

3 comments on “A-ha = Hug

  1. My art is my childlike expression. It spent so many years to remember what it felt like to do art as a child. So many years of not being able to do art because it didn’t feel the same. To paint like a child is the goal of some artists.

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