Phil Collins

Spirit is talking to me thru Phil Collins songs.  Strange?  Nope.  I’ve always loved several of his songs.  Now I’m realizing just how many this man has.  Actually, many I’ve never even heard. 

When you listen (just a bit differently) many are an invitation.  Change a few words if you need to.  Old memories, both good and not so good, can surface.  The not so good ones can be released.

In the Air on headphone as loud as I can stand it gets me in the zone every time.  I’ve used it to clear past lives.  Often music just makes us feel good – alive and often connected.  Music can also help you realize where you’re stuck, what needs attention and it will give you clues as to where you are heading.  (More info on the topic.)

Now I’ve got an energy on the line and it’s an ascending Music Master.  How cool!  I’m listening.  I’m feeling.  Thank you.  🙂  Let go loves, open up and discover.

Passing along a song list.  Listen, sing, dance, jam, wake up, remember and LOVE On!   ♥


6 comments on “Phil Collins

  1. My oldest son, Nelson, recently did the cinematography for an interview Phil Collins did in NYC. Nelson said that he was one of the kindest and amazing gentleman he’s ever met. He actually sat with the crew to eat lunch and asked about their lives. The man is top notch. He was the first concert I ever saw at a teenager when he was Genesis.

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