Help Desk – Subject: Light Body


A few days ago, the energy was the most intense I’ve felt thus far.  By the end of the day, and of sound mind and body, I needed some guidance.  Help me understand a light body.  I heard, “Do your research.”  Online I did find information.  Some have been writing on this topic for years.  No wonder I follow Lisa Brown – I was now finding some of her earlier work.  Yet it was also interesting to see what was and was not explained.  In the big picture, a light body is a new thing.

Hmm… or is it?  Some would say it’s based upon the cosmic ascension.  As we evolve, all evolves.  Yet… (oh I better quit now before I make this too complicated.)  So…

While many of us have been on a spiritual journey for years/decades and do know a lot… we also have no clue.  We each hold a piece, share and assist in reminding others.  If it resonates, it sticks.  If it doesn’t, we move along in our walk of truth.  We are each to bring forth and share our truth.

While I’ve written several posts on the topic, (the layer I understand at this time) I wanted to know, more.  Like, how long have light bodies been activating here (on Earth)?  How long does it take?  Will it level out?  While I can normally continue on even when a bigger energy wave rolls in, I was so grateful that I didn’t have to be anywhere.  These waves can cause one to cry, need sleep, dance/scream/workout and be, out of their mind.

While we’ve been ascending for quite some time now, 2012 did seem to be a defining year.  Some don’t (need to) gravitate to the word choice of, light body activation.  It might or might not be in their plan.  To be honest, I didn’t plan to… nature ran it’s course and it just happened.  It does seem that a certain amount of clearing/releasing/dumping needs to occur and often starts after a dark night of the soul.

So I read several articles yet then stopped.


The articles did help yet I seem to know that part of my process is to bring in my own remembrance and share.  Some of us have had to go off to a swampy forest to work on our Mastery.  (If your still in the swamp, find your way out.)

So for now I’ll share these two items:

Carbon vs. Crystal body.  The simple answer is, crystal holds more light.  This is dropping the density.  You are not dropping your physical body.  Love your body!  More light = more in your skill/gift/remembrance.

I read, “Many new Souls from other Universes will be taking birth for the first time in this part of Creation. As these new Souls are very pure and radiant with their Light, they require these higher physical bodies to live on this Earth.”  This ties into the 2020 thread and that they need us.  We’ll understand them.

The past few days have been a bit weird.  Ear popping/lightworkers Morse code.  Strange dreams, body aches, and I just felt as if I dropped in an elevator shaft.  Haha, is this the dropping of the lower body??  Know that understanding is a mind thing.  At times we just have to let go and trust.  Answer do come.  Until then, enjoy life!

I will though leave you with these sites/perspective for additional reading:

And Lisa’s site (link above) is very helpful.  Why am I just finding this now?  LOL.

And interesting, a light body/lightworker, one could assume is a dimensional/galaxy thing yet when you google Buddha and light body, you’ll also see several articles.  Open mind.  So many ways to do this and all of them are awesome!  Be awesome!

Pictures found online.

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