Are we there yet??


Good morning loves!  How are you? 

Last night I stepped outside and all I could hear were the crickets.  They were the loudest I’ve ever heard.  I asked another if they heard how loud they were and they said they didn’t hear them… at all.  Several other sounds were named (the wind, TV on in the house, etc.).  I didn’t hear any of those sounds (or that much).  I came in and googled to discover it’s associated with tinnitus (ear ringing). Many who awaken/ascend have, “tinnitus”.  It’s more the changes in your brain and the opening of the pineal gland/third eye and ear 🙂  You are being, re-tuned.

Overnight I awoke saying, “The grid is stabilized.” yet then quickly went back to sleep.

I asked Spirit for a song this morning and sharing.  I also sense a, are we there yet?  Yes!  It’s a process and it takes however long it takes.  This is forever change yet it’s always changing.  So let’s make it a colorful day.  Much love to you.

2 comments on “Are we there yet??

  1. Yes, the thought there might be a reason that my ear continuously rings is comforting. Mine been ringing for MANY years. Sounds a little like an open plain with night bugs and gentile wind. I concluded that perhaps is how my psychic power works. Part of me knows how to read this field of ringing, and make predictions. Matt Kahn thinks it is an indication that your are downloading from the Universe.

    Either way, it is a connection with the fabric of the Universe that many people, in not understanding it, bemoan it. I have come to expect it over the last 6 or 7 years.

    Perhaps someday, instead of the crickets there will be soft Universe Music. Then if we ever wanted to bring a song to the world, we would just need to listen and record. (Like Mozart could hear the music he wrote.)

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