When every aspect of you is ready for change


Okay… already wrote on spiritual hissy fits a few months ago.  I’ve seen them and chuckled to myself thinking, how’s that working for you?  You can’t force Spirit/life.  These fits can show just how far off one is.  Talk about, check yourself before you wreck yourself – pulling in is needed.  Then I got real and realized I’ve had a few myself.  Not all have them, nor admit that they do (thinking it’s not spiritual but, it is) This journey at times is long, challenging and full of so many lessons and moments.  And a hissy fit can be very productive.  Just when you think you’re so far out of alignment, you can quickly get into alignment.

So today was interesting.  I seemed to be (wrestling) with an energy knowing that it was the collective yet also me.  Hmm… spiritually cantankerous…?  No but almost.  Spiritually cranky, yup, more like it.  Nap time!  I heard loud and clean:  But I don’t want to take a nap!  lol

This group has come out of the swamp, forest and feels good.  You know certain things.  You’re in a beautiful field and the sun is shinning.  Usually this alone is a good day and more than enough.  Yet….

You feel, stuck.  You might then be reminded of a lesson you’ve already worked on and wonder, seriously?  Why are you in my energy again?  Why this verses the next step?  Well… it is the next step.  You can, though, feel your inner wild horse that is ready for the open field; to gallop.  You realize every aspect of you is ready for change but you have to hold your horses…  (or not).  Proceed with caution Spirit.  Remember you are a Pegasus and this is to be with ease and grace.

For me, I’ve felt these moments before (you think you’re ready yet something in you knows… something).  Honor this.  Often I’ve been reminded or comforted by Spirit.  I also love the random (sign/person/situation) that’s placed before you to help validate you are on course. In these moments, there are also so many great youtubes, articles and books that help to spark an a-ha and get you moving again.  Life lessons can and do resurface again and again since there are so many sides and ways to evolve with them.

Yet, as I meditated with all the humans who are, ready, I could hear the response.  They don’t want/need another freakin book or minute of spiritual purging or that p word – patience.  I feel ya so I’ll share that I could also feel souls unifying.  Pulling in/healing/releasing lifetimes/timelines of being, stuck; possibly unbeknownst.  You’ve done the work and it’s all coming together.


It seemed like every aspect of the new you has to be ready for change.  Multidimensional Mastery?  Yes… but we are already Masters in each moment.  We are though being asked (or will be here soon) to step up again.  We can’t hold doubt or excuses.  The moment is coming.  You’ll know what to do.  Until then, love you… in your entirety.  Meditate and see if there is any piece of you out there that just needs love/a reminder/some reassurance… or a push, lol.  We’ve been ascending. We’re at the correct altitude.  It’s time to jump.  Are you ready for this experience?  Feet hitting the ground running.  This is what we’ve been waiting for so no hanging on to the door for dear life.  Smile.  Open.  Here we go!




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