What do you do when no spiritual practice works?


Haha!  Yes… relax… it happens.  One might say, well, your not in the moment.  YES YOU ARE!  Yet inspiration, wise sage advise, meditation, nor a nap or any amount of crystals seems to help.

You really don’t care what the Pleiadians/a swami/Gandhi have to say,lol.  Well… Gandhi did say, be the change you wish to see in the world.  While this post won’t resonate will all, it will for some.  For some, it’s time to get real about blending spirituality, humanness and this Earth plane/reality.  Whatever reality you are living in – 3D, 5D, who caresD.  🙂

One might say you’re spiritually burned out yet this is not true either.  You’ve never believed in Spirituality as much as you do in this very moment.  This is a great moment.  It’s the edge.  The edge of the new dawn and you’re bringing it.  New ways to be spiritual.  The old ways no longer work (yet you do respect them).  So bring it!  Let it flow through you.  It’s time and needed.  Don’t fight it or go back to sleep.  Make it.  Create it.  Birth it.

Gheez. While I’m normally pretty chill and zen, I seem to be a channel for a certain group/energy that doesn’t have time to write.  I’m just to get these thoughts, out there.  There are many who are spiritually wise yet still limiting themselves.  And those who are spiritually clueless and hurting.  Spiritually seems scary to them.  Or too complicated.  How can we make this simple?  Each need the other.  I think it’s time to build a new bridge.

I keep hearing this song as I write.  Love this song.  Feeling  g-o-o-d!  Yes, let’s do that.

4 comments on “What do you do when no spiritual practice works?

  1. When I don’t care,I just live down to earth. Watching a Squirrel play for example. Chatting with a convenience store clerk over nothing. Once upon a time it came to me: Too much has been written but not enough. When I thought that I wasn’t learning anything, I was learning more. Thank you God, I know less than before.

    Great post, Thanks

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  2. I have my moments of spiritual wisdom, and limitations on myself as deep as roots. Yet, I don’t feel inclined to be Shadow work, but to be in each moment. It is a good day. I am happy must of the time. Yet, I do not see progress as much as I used to. Before the differences in me were like night and day. Before I had been to ill to live, and suddenly I had the energy to live. It is a big difference to go from just waiting to die, to go to wondering how to better live.

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    • Yes you are wise! This is great thinking and living! I can’t say I chose Shadow work but boy did it chose me, lol. It is a good day. I’m so happy and proud of you – this is huge! It is progress. Hugs! ❤

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