Enlightenment or Wild Goose Chase?


It’s both.  Definitely!  So if your still running around… hope you are having fun.  Duck, duck… goose.  Your it!  You can’t “find” what you already have.  🙂

This picture just cracks me up so I had to use it.  A few random thoughts are swirling in my mind this morning so on to the paper they go.  Bloggers/writers – do you ever find that at times we are giving others permission to be themselves?  We do this as we freely express.  We often accept what one might consider a flaw yet we see it in a different light.  We practice and learn how to use it as an asset.

I also had a short yet telling experience.  I was reading on online article.  The words ready did speak to me.  There was also the option to listen to the recorded version yet my gut told me I needed to read and hear it in my tone verses the channeled tone of another.  This was a first for me.  I also realize it might work the other way.  One might need to hear another’s voice verses reading.  It’s all about vibration.  It was nice to have the option.

I was also pondering on…

Thought = thought

Belief/believing = what you hope/believe

Knowing = knowing.

What’s the difference?  At times, it’s so subtle as it moves from one to another yet also profound.  I often have to check my word choice.  A knowing is your truth and it’s deep.  Yet, even knowings change and morph into more 🙂  It becomes your natural state of being.

So since movie’s have been on my mind, I’ve asked for a “preview”.


Haha… I’m restricted at the moment.  Instruction/map not included.

So… my inner Julia Child is stirring.  Creating something with pesto, garlic, spinach, artichokes, chicken and tortellini.  No recipe needed – pulling in Julia Child.

Have a great day Enlightened One.


Picture found online.  ❤ Road races.  So much fun to be active and in costume.

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