Soul Song


Do you know what your call song is?  I didn’t (understand) until just now.  I’ve noticed that on occasion I start singing a song.  The song is actually from my early teen years in the church.  Now, really it’s not necessarily one of my favorite songs but back then it did mean something to me.  So I asked why do I still, on occasion, sing this song?  Really, now, I’m not religious, rather spiritual and believing in all. 

The response back was that it was my call song to the Universe, to let them know I’m ready for the next step.  I sang it so many times in complete peace and presence, more than any other song to date.  When I ask/tell/demand, haha that I’m ready for the next step… that’s a mind thing (and the Universe doesn’t hear it).  The call song comes from my soul and a place of peace and knowing that I am indeed ready.  Isn’t that interesting?  So I had to share.

Notice what songs and patterns you happen to sing.  I’m sure there are other songs/meaning as well.  And honestly there are so many beautiful religious songs.  While it might be about the words, it might not be.  Don’t get to caught up in details.  How does the song help/make you, feel.


And I had to share this from Lee Harris.  Beautiful!  A five minute reset.  ♥


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