You did this to yourself.


TV/Movies on my mind 🙂  I’ve mentioned my interest with the TV series, The Blind Spot.  While this season seems less about Jane Doe’s story and more a wider mix of the various actors, action and drama, I still think on and chuckle at this scene from months ago. It’s when “past” Jane tells now/current Jane, “You did this to yourself.”   

It’s a perfect analogy!  We all have, amnesia.  As a veil lifts, we remember, again, just a piece.  We do the best we can with what we do know.  Unbeknownst to some, you did choose all of that which you experience.  Humbling and mind-blowing?  Yes.

So can you trust the process?  Can you find patience, love and a new normal?  Can you be happy?  If your going to do something… you might as well make yourself, happy.  This automatically radiates from you and changes everything.  So… what are you doing to yourself?  Enjoy the grand design of this thing we call, life.  ❤

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