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I often get on a roll writing. I can’t help myself. So it was interesting to take a break for just a few days. It was a pause and I knew I could easily dive right back in yet, there seemed to be this extra  s p a c e  and empathize on the pause. While I could have ignored it, I knew to honor it. Hmm… How did I wish to re-emerge?  To start again?  Did I even wish to write… at all?  In a world of unlimited possibilities, opportunities and experiences… maybe I’ve blogged enough. Maybe it’s time to do something, different… new. Some of you know me though (and how much I love to write) so this example is just relaying how BIG the energies/shifts are right now.

My sons gifted me this coffee mug for Mother’s Day. As I place my thumb on the handle, I feel the raised heart. What a nice added touch.  And the word choice, perfect. This is indeed a special mug.  I watched my teens this weekend, differently. Life through their eyes, mind and heart. When I left the corporate world several years ago, I did feel a range of emotions and one of them would be, embarrassed (although I wouldn’t have admitted this before because I didn’t even know it). I was no longer the role model, career successful, productive member of society, mother I used to be. It appeared I was… well, you can guess. Now I smile at who I AM. A very different kind of woman/mother. I’ve been showing them a different role/way and yes, it’s been a process for all of us in the immediate and extended family.

So the past few days I’ve been less with the laptop and www. This, too, is a shift. A spiritual journey, particularly in the colder winter months, one can become one with electronics.  At times in my journey I couldn’t get enough and it was all right there.  How fortunate we are.

So I glanced at the half-written posts in my draft folder yet they didn’t seem like the place to start and I wasn’t sure I even had an update. This blog has worn a few different hats so it would be easy to just pick one and start. Energy update, the signs/reminders I see, a message from Spirit or a bit more personal update. Well… it became a mix of all of it.

Personally, I did wish to honor Mother’s Day and my process. I needed to practice what I preach.  Often with issues/life lessons/moments, there can be a relapse. Spirit actually brought that word to my attention and I surely didn’t want that. Yet, life and relapses happen.  We underestimate that we are changing a cellular course.  At times, it’s easy (since we worked on it in other lives).  Other times, it’s like changing a tide and that middle ground can be like a rip curl.  At times you might get forced out; like a fish out of water.  Get back in and swim with the current.  Be in the flow.

I’ve discovered a spiritual journey is about healing and then, even more. I knew a relapse wouldn’t serve me although the heads ups did give me a perspective, appreciation and even more compassion.  They do serve a divine purpose. You’ll often cycle around and re-visit an issue for a new level of understanding and release when you’re ready. You’ll understand the word, purity, in a new way. Please know that purity has nothing to do with perfection/expectation. Really, it is who you are. So over the past six weeks or so I’ve paused from time to time to honor female and mothering issues. I feel that some of my past writing covers the topic enough for now. I, like you, have had experiences and therefor a perspective that is different than the norm. What, at times, has been wounds/weaknesses are indeed my gems/strengths. And I’ve realized I carried more karma/experiences that my mind would allow me to acknowledge. It was time to again listen, release and change.

Often one will turn to spirituality since nothing else has worked. For me, I did find answers that no one else could provide. I also found comfort and bliss like I hadn’t experienced. Yet spirituality is not always the feel good high’s. With some recent a-ha’s… it’s almost been strange to be in my body. It seems strange to my mind to welcome all emotions and love each one. To be able to feel so deeply and not fight it.

My mind also seems to reflect on my journey – particularly these past four years. The process. A lot has happened. For you, too!  For many on this journey, there’s a stage where you are removed and protected. It’s almost as if life stops. You will come back online though. Now, it’s how does all settle and fit into ones body and life.

For some, there is a very deep re-set going on right now. This = deep sleep. For as many nights as necessary. You might not remember a thing. Your body needs to heal/be on a deeper level. Your body might feel your age/heavy/uncomfortable yet know that this is just an interim stage. You/your mind might fight sleep a bit. As you awake, if you can, put yourself back to sleep, even if for just an hour. You need it. You might find that you also need silence or don’t have much to say in your awake hours. Perfect!  Honor this.

There’s also an energy that acknowledges all of your dreams yet also reminds you on the here and now. The grass/dirt/sand/concreate is just fine under your feet. How do you bloom no matter where you are?  Well… you are 🙂  This is letting go of, the chase.


Dreams and goals are nice but miracles happen in the here and now. Be here now. There is also, no rush.

There is some very deep wisdom available. Words aren’t used so if you’re used to channeling words/messages… this doesn’t work. If your used to visions, they might become very simple or more as symbols – light language. You have to feel and know and… be patient.  Your body is remembering.  And while I use the word light language I also wish to note, you might be creating your own type.  There might not be a documented reference out there… yet.

I’ve also noticed a bit of blurry vision and I seem to know this is adjusting, new sight and being able to better see the layers of light.  I’ve also had two dreams of conversations and then within days those exact conversations, happened. Cool to get the preview.

So know that, all is well. We’re all in a process of transformation. And everything is coming together to assist one in this transformation.  Thanks for reading.  You’re in my heart.  LOVE to you.


7 comments on “Transformation

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  2. I’ve been sleeping much. At the same time I need melatonin to get to sleep, or my mind will be up racing. So it is harder to fall asleep, and harder to get up. So you don’t think this will be lasting forever? Just a temporary healing you say. Back to normal non-melatonin sleep soon?

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    • Everyone is different. So for some it might just take a night (and they’ll know it, a reset) where for others it could take months. We heal/anchor/”work”/dream in our sleep. We are being asked to honor and love ourselves, making sleep a priority, uninterrupted/deep… yet, this can be a challenge when many of us have a life/demands. This is more a reminder since so many won’t give themselves permission to rest/sleep. No one knows you like you. Trust your body and process. If you don’t have to get up, don’t. Haha, but you know all of this:) Bath/shower, easy music or book (and I have to limit my ice cream – sugar) and sweet dreams!!

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