Eye Candy


Well… everything is.  Look for yours.

I awoke this morning early hoping to catch a sunrise.  I’m a sucker for a sunrise, sunset, rainbow, butterfly…. Oh the list could go on.  Instead though… overcast sky. I sat in a light drizzle for a short morning meditation.  Quite refreshing.

Check your vibration.  You are blessed.  Are you in question/complaining mode or receiving/peace mode?  Bless what surrounds you.  It has only assisted you.  Bless what is coming to you.  There is a life underneath the life you are living.  It’s just waiting to emerge.  Relax and allow it to.

Wishing you many eye candy moments, peace and blessings.

Picture:  Lemurian Seed Crystal, Rainbow Color Art, Crystal Healing.  Found at:  https://wanelo.com/shop/reiki-energy

2 comments on “Eye Candy

  1. Good morning!
    Thanks for the eye candy. The bless and be blessed that you were talking about reminds me of Thich Nhat Hanh’s book about mindful walking or walking meditation. In that book he talks about – with each step love the Mother and in each step imagine her love coming up through your feet. I just love that connection of knowing I am blessed and blessing at the same time. Thank you for starting my morning out in such a nice way.
    Peace and eye candy

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