Infinity Eyes


One might ask, Why do I not get what I ask for?   Ask yourself if you’ve been real and honest with yourself.  Give yourself permission to ask for what you really want.  There are no limits yet we unconsciously create them… often.  Don’t know what you want yet?  Yah!  Keep breathing and living and in this, you will.  🙂

At times on this journey you dream and dream, BIG.  At times you remain humble, present and work with what you have.  One might wonder why a certain piece hasn’t fallen into place… yet.  It’s about vibration, the collective good (which you are a part of) and Divine timing.  Your plan and the plan has so many options. At times we’re told/given a preview all to just catch up with that  vibration.  Really the form doesn’t matter.  Your soul knows this… your ego, not so much.

Your challenges are your clues.  If you are in a challenging situation… take the energy charge out of it.  Get neutral.  Let go of your thoughts, judgments and fears.  As well as other’s.  Then, look at the situation (or person), differently.  How is this situation serving you?  How is this situation the best for you (or otherwise you wouldn’t continue to place yourself in it).  How is it a blessing… possibly in disguise?   What are you learning and resolving?  Look at it with infinity eyeglasses.


At times, while the handwriting is on the wall, often there’s a message (and lesson) between the lines.  Relax and allow that message (or lesson) to come to/serve you.  Relax.  Breathe.

There are infinite possibilities.  Shift… verses thinking, oh shit.  You have more power than you realize.  Look again.  Get clear – crystal.  Then, move forward.  And… take some pressure off yourself.  Just do the best you can.  Take a small step or big leap.  Regardless, it’s all working out as intended.

Infinity moments and love to you.  ❤

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