Open up and receive


I’ve been praying on something for about a year now.  We all have our items we need a little help with.  I’ve been open to guidance and have been willing to do my part as well.  While this topic has been important to me, it didn’t seem as important to the Universe.  So… I let go and trusted.

My logical mind would remind me that action was needed.  Yet we can’t force life (although we may try).  Everything happens for a reason.  So I checked on this topic yesterday and was given two short sentences that didn’t seem to make total sense.  Hmm… the veil here still hadn’t lifted.

Then, to my surprise, another announced that night the action/solution.  And… I didn’t have to do a thing.  I didn’t even have to say, yes.  All I had to do was receive.  He’d decided to do for me what I couldn’t.  I was a bit amazed.  Now, in this context, those two sentences made complete sense.  Wow.

I also thought, I’ve had these moments before in my life.  We all have places we get a bit, stuck.  We need a little help.  We aren’t even sure what to do.  We all have skills yet certain things are a bit out of our wheelhouse.  All you can do is pray, to ask for help, trust and remain open.  To ask the Universe to work through you and for you.  On your behalf.  To allow the Universe to serve you.  For a lightworker this seems in reverse.  We often focus on how we serve.

You can’t define, how.  You can’t place restrictions on it.  You have to take a step back and see the underlying reason why you desire a certain thing and ask for help (however it may show up).  We truly are surrounded by Angels.  Both in human form and unseen to us.  Allow the Universe to work on your behalf for the good of all.  Allow the Universe to serve you.

So now, I am grateful… truly appreciative.  Blessed.  This is co-creating.  ♥


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