What’s holding you back?

The short, simple and honest answer is… NOTHING.

Several weeks ago I noticed a few old wounds on my body, resurface.  Quite odd yet I understand it’s part of the body’s process of upgrading/ascending.  Yet I found it very interesting which wounds surfaced.  When you think about it, we all have had, many!  Surgeries, accidents, cuts, burns, scrapes, war/battle scars. Potentially hundreds in one life.

Since one of my three areas was still re-healing a bit, I took a minute to ponder.  What was the symbolic nature?  I also knew there was some karma/history as well.  What was the story/vibration underneath the story I’ve told?

I noted a few things.  I then took my words and overlapped it on the bigger picture of my life at this moment.  Bingo.  We do have a match.  What at first seemed like there was no correlation, indeed, there was.


The general theme would tie into, what is holding one back?  Or… causing one to pull back?  Fear?  Doubt?  Self-worth issues?  Past-life/karma issues?  If you’ve been on this path, you’ve already addressed these issues yet awakening is a continuous purification process.  Your mind… your heart… your body… your life.  Various levels of density are shed.  We are reaching new depths of our own master plan.  The further down (or up) we traverse, the less we can take with us.

I was reflecting back when Jerry Hicks passed away.  Many questioned Esther/Abraham Hicks about this.  How could this happen?  Somewhere in our mind we get this notion that spiritual people don’t get, sick.  They should hold no dis-ease.  I mean, can you imagine how many hours he spent in Abraham’s vibration… that should have kept him alive for over a hundred years.  Abraham did give reasons why and I don’t need to repeat them.  We came here to experience certain yet many things.  Many of us came here to become our own alchemist and release certain densities.  Where do we get the idea that illness isn’t divine?

We are here cleaning up our energy field.  Preparing our heart.  In sickness and in health.  Love your body and your life.  Nothing is holding you back.  Be who you came here to be.  At times, we all have obstacles and limitations.  See them as such for as long as you need to.  They are though, the illusion.  Be kind to yourself on this journey.  Don’t ask for the next step… ask for your next, JOY!  It’s time for that.  ❤

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