Let’s get this party started!


The energy the past few days has had two very different themes for me.  One energy of no message/no action needed/have fun and then… these bursts of ADD/ADHD energy.  It’s like, what about this?  Or this?  Or that???  Excitement is great but when it’s too much or so scattered, it can be a bit overwhelming.  As if it surges yet then one needs to take a nap just a few hours later.  And also being uncertain about any of the options.  I think this is the next wave of lightworkers coming online.  They are excited yet, well, do you remember that stage?  It was hard to maintain the energy or do much with ease and grace.  Haha… even for the not so new (me included), this can be a challenge in moments.  So breathing, being centered and knowing helps to balance it all out.  Nothing is urgent.  What is meant to be, will be.

The symbol of the bear seemed to come across my Facebook page a few times but it then came into my reality.  Unfortunately a dead one 😦 on the side of the road.  While we have bears in the area, rarely do we actually see one.  Honestly I’ve never seen one in my (this) life.  Right now the bear symbolism seems to be a reminder.  HIBERNATION IS OVER.  If you are still in the cave, come out.  Whatever you’ve been privately working on/healing, you’ve done enough for now.  And, if you’ve been having a private pity party, how’s that been working for you?  Exactly – that’s also done.

While you might or might not know what to do next… it doesn’t matter.  Do… something!  Anything.  It doesn’t have to be big or important.  Just get out there and be… you.  Be authentic and true to you. Be the new you (because you are “new” each moment) at your place of work, play… in the grocery store or just decided to get out and let your soul/luck guide you.  Everyplace and moment is divine. Find your true joy or even better, let it find you.  And… if you’ve been striving for the future version of your, I AM… well…

If your riding the energy waves, you might notice they can come when your trying to get somethin done.  You have to let go (well, you don’t have to but…).  Maybe you’ve done enough and the energy is trying to upgrade you and move you along.  🙂  If your a type A, make a note/to-do list and later, as the energy subsides, come back and see if you still have passion to get that item, done.  You might just realize, you don’t.

You never know what Spirit has in store for you.  So come out, connect and PLAY!!  The next wave of awakening/lightworkers/soul searchers are looking for us.  We do have much to share.  And yes… it will naturally happen and be much simpler than one would think.  A smile, a simple statement or action. Often we are just to remind.  🙂


6 comments on “Let’s get this party started!

    • It’s always so good to hear from you! Thanks for communicating with me. 🙂 Isn’t life/this journey amazing? Music seems to be my drug of choice to help it all go a bit smoother. Hugs! ❤


  1. Seeing the phone in the Black Eyed Peas video really shows how long ago that song was released.

    I had another day of lots of sleep. I didn’t realize the time, because I didn’t set my alarm (Sunday). I thought it was much earlier when I woke. Listened to the Law of One on Youtube as I found the wording heard to understand without hearing as well. I could find no audiobook.

    As I stated before even if I am sleeping longer hours, falling asleep has been harder the last few weeks. Thursday night I wasn’t able to fall asleep until after the sun was up. Then on Friday night, I took the highest amount of melatonin offered knowing I had to get up Saturday morning.

    I was a little afraid what would happen if I didn’t sleep until morning so had to call into work as sick. (One of the disadvantages of mental illness is you have to do such if you get no sleep.) Thankfully it worked, and I was able to work.

    I am not sure if I am coming out of hibernation…

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    • I am blessed that you follow along so closely but you know you better than anyone. There’s no way one post can speak to all but I hope something will resonate for most who read. If your not ready to come out, don’t. A year ago I had CRAZY sleep patterns/cycles and it was not convenient. I, too, have been sleeping a bit more. I was thinking of the words mental illness yesterday. I, personally, don’t like those words/label. Mental health, better. Can I say I don’t see you as ill. I see you are an artist, angel, guru and master:) Claim those words.! ❤ And I need to catch up reading blogs… time seems to be moving along quicker, too.

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