Dream within a dream within a…



A little while back as I was meditating, the Universe explained to me how I/We were living our dream right NOW.  Our reality was our dream/wish/desire.  I completely understood.  I knew I could explain it to anyone. I was so confident, I didn’t write it down and… that’s not a great idea when I’m meditating/channeling/deep in the zone. I often don’t retain much… yet I do. It’s as if I’m forever changed.


Our dreamer is our inner child.  While at times we get in touch with our inner child aspect… we really have forgotten how innocent, pure and wise we came into this world.  We really have been conditioned by limits and what seems safe and doable. Our soul/essence/inner child doesn’t worry about safety or an end result. And a child just… does.  Mother’s know this as they keep a watchful eye around hot stoves and in parking lots to name just a few places.  A child enjoys, play.  It’s their life. Yet it isn’t long and play often becomes some who win and some who loose.  Then, play seems to be less and less and school/work/rules/stress takes a majority of the day.  😦

I’ve talked to many adults who don’t… dream.  Either at night or in the day.  And if they have a dream (either version), they seem to quickly dismiss it.

We’ve almost been conditioned to stop dreaming yet then, for some, to start again.  But… it’s often not the same.  We’ve almost forgotten, how to.  It’s so simple and easy and we make it so complicated.  As adults some of us try to find the dream (our real goal) again.  We think/dream it is this… or that.  We awake and then awake again.  Which dream… sticks?  Which one do we live out?  Making a dream a goal, well, a goal gets quantified/justified/glorified and for some just gets further and further away.

So stop.  Just stop.  Your already living the dream.  If it doesn’t feel like it… just pop your own bubble.  Wake up.  Live your life.  It’s just a dream within a dream within a …


Dream On – Aerosmith


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