Lost luggage?


I don’t think so.  I was checkin in this morning (with the Universe).  I was a blank canvas.  Oh, what does one need to know?  The general message was to, hold on loosely.  I started to sing the REO Speedwagon song.  I then heard, “Nothing is concreate.”  To not head in one way, too much.  That this might actually lead one off course.  That we are all artists and we dabble in many things.  Okay, so we are all the Artist formerly know as ___________ (fill in your name).  We are not to claim any (new) baggage.  We are all light beings.  We are to travel, light.  We really don’t need much.  We are more than enough.

If you follow astrology, this next week or two is a bit bumpy in the heavens above.  This, though, does not stop you from being you nor from good things happening.  It is a nice reminder that you float and do what feels right in ease, grace and joy.  If you encounter a closed door or difficulty… move along or pull in to be advised.  If you see drama/chaos around you, well, astrology has just given you a heads up that a lot is all play right now.  So choose your energy and situations wisely.  🙂

I was also told, “assimilation is complete.”   But… but??  What does that mean?  Haha.  A few weeks ago I felt as if I was stabilizing a newer version of myself.  So now, and this is for many of us, how do we re-assimilate back into our world?  This question though is not to be overthought.  It will happen, naturally… if you allow this.

So if your holding on to any baggage (good or bad)… let it go!  Godspeed!



(Picture found online – Google images.)

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