Changing… yet again.


I started this post last night.  For the first time in 18 months of blogging, I wasn’t sure what to write.  With just about every post I’ve been driven to my laptop either out of the need to write or the knowing to write or… just for the sheer joy of it.  I  l-o-v-e  Spirit and writing has been a passion.  So it was strange to sit with my laptop and be so… neutral.  I did know though to, just write from my heart.  And, by today it did seem as if I had enough to write about.

I’ve been as real and honest (as I’ve allowed myself) in documenting my journey/perspective.  I’ve also wanted each post to be, positive.  To inspire.  If you’ve followed along, you know not all moments seemed positive to me when I experienced them.  I had to wait and process/understand how they were indeed, blessings.


Really though it doesn’t matter since Spirit is all things.

There are moments on this journey where five minutes/a few hours/a day can feel like years.  Yesterday was one of them.  Strange since for the most part, the days have been flying by.  This is an opportunity to let all the energy catch up and make new choices.  So I reflected on the past year.  So many things that assisted in my journey (books, YouTubes, teleconferences, online articles/sites), well, slowly this year my body (more than my mind), let go.  Being a seeker was a stage to assist in my remembrance.  I was at times, insatiably hungry.  I had to find my own voice/knowing yet I will say that many have assisted.  Everyone and thing is my teacher.

For a few months I’ve been feeling a personal change coming and while I’d make guesses, I also knew it was beyond my understanding.  So it’s been interesting to see a few other bloggers signing off or noting changes ahead.  Some feel as if their process/stage/contribution is complet or… that a very new level will start.  Some don’t know the details, nor do they need to.  It does feels like a changing of a guard… or baton.  Trust.  Yes!  That’s the stage of the game we’re in.  Not trusting will keep you distanced from what you so wish to experience.

I also reflected on the messages I’ve received these past few years.  Many and enough.  Each one got me to, now.  I did ask for guidance though since the day was unusually quiet. I heard one word, Transmutation.  The definition… the action of changing or the state of being changed into another form.  I smiled since I’ve been feeling the growing pains off and on for a few weeks now.  It’s as if all that you’ve absorbed in placed in a tub and then a very fast spin cycle is started.  Not all stays.  Some needs to be released. So I was also asking what was my role/place was, now and I was referred to a post I’d written.  Everywhere and everything.  Wow, I do get it.  We all are, yet, don’t really realize.

I know I could easily continue to blog about the signs I see, the energy/messages, etc.  Yet… something in me is changing (yet again) and I know to pause and practice what I preach.  To trust the process.  What is trying to emerge (as I try to continue on in the same way that got me to this point)?  One can miss new opportunities, not seeing them.  I do know, it can only be for the highest good for all.

Yesterday I did feel an intense higher heart energy.  I sat/rested with it but can’t say my mind understood it.  As I was going to bed, I was told that our solar system has 12 planets.  I thought it was 8 or 9.  I then found there are several articles online about the possibility of 12.  But of course.  Seriously, we don’t know it all, yet.  Months ago I was shown my body as a Universe (each chakra was a planet).  It was wild!  Then a few nights ago, I was shown my universe/body now was multidimensional.  Each chakra was now it’s own Universe.  It also tied into the 12 x 12 = 144.  Double wow.  Okay… so this is a process that we greatly underestimate.  It took me years just to align seven chakra and then 12.  Now 144 soul aspects from many different places.

This is what I do know.  Wherever you are, in your own journey… embrace it!  TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!  In whatever way feels right to you.  A lightworker (we all are) can get focused on serving the outer world.  We are naturally the type that would give the shirt off our back.  I smile as that statement. The Unsinkable Molly Brown did this as the Titanic was sinking, how fitting (ha, no pun intended).  Yet… you have to take care of your needs.  Can this be humbling and a wake up call in itself?  Yes!  Awkward/painful at times?  Yes!  It can actually feel counterproductive (to whatever mission you feel certain you came here to do).  So why did we set it up this way…?  Only to succeed.  If you are breathing, you are alive.  You are here for a reason and probably have a  l-o-n-g  life ahead of you.  We are all being called to something greater but for now, the situation one is in, is divine and great enough.  Master that.  Then, more will be given to you.

I will add, the veils do seem to be thin.  If you’ve been running multiple realities, you’ll continue to see, glimpses.  You’ll also continue to clear issues – quickly.  Honor yet do not stay, stuck.  And new perception/vision/skills are slowly waking up.  Don’t dismiss. Be willing.  Be childlike – curious, welcoming, and play/practice.


Know I am with you in Spirit.  I love you.  I thank you for reading and being a part of my journey.  You are my teacher.  For all I know, I might be back here blogging again in a hour – because that’s how this journey is.  Each moments is, new.  The next a-ha/awakening.  It did feel right though to post what I’m experiencing since it’s just a snapshot of a moment in the journey.  Really, this is just a post and by the time I hit publish, it’s already a new moment.  Be open to… change.  Big change/love!


[Numerology – 18 months blogging = 9… completion??  450 posts = 9.  Todays date 5182016 = 23 = 5… haha, just half way there.  1055 words = 11… ❤ it!]

9 comments on “Changing… yet again.

  1. 11 likes so far. I will miss you. I just sent my sister an email about trying to make it as an artist. She went to a job fair today where someone in charge of Temps said they’d hire me in an instant. The very day I start trying to join the local art scene. My sister against my idea of local art.

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  2. I love that when I hit a wall and I don’t know how to express what I’m feeling/knowing I can head over to your blog and there it is …lol. Thanks again my friend! Hugs! -April

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  3. Change is constant and when the end of one situation occurs, the opening of another is presented. That’s my current state of being at the moment. This post definitely resonates with me. Thank you for sharing!

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