Short and Sweet


Literally.  Okay… first how is everyone doing??  Seriously, if I wrote nothing else would you share?  You can respond telepathically if you’d rather not publically comment.  Let’s practice.  Good fun.  🙂  Ascending symptoms upgrades seemed to take over last night. 

Feeling cold then hot, a surge of energy when it was bedtime and today moving  s-l-o-w.  Oh and spatial/depth issues. Like when things run into you or you run into a wall realizing in this dimension you haven’t mastered that… yet.  These symptoms seemed to come and go often a few months ago.  And it’s easy to forgot that they ever happened until… they return.  Something new though.  Twice now when I’m eating/drinking something cold, my tongue feels like it has pop rocks on it.  Do you remember this candy from your youth (or am I dating myself)?  I’m sure it ties right in.  Many of us are hearing/seeing/smelling/feeling differently, so all the senses are being upgraded.  Stay sweet.  ❤ ya!

10 comments on “Short and Sweet

  1. I’ve noticed I’m more “absorbent.” I’m taking in more energy of the people I’m around. I feel like a dang energy chameleon. No amount of grounding and shielding helps, either. And I’m having visions out the wazoo this week, too. The heck is going on? XD

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    • A sponge although chameleon is also a perfect word. I let go of grounding and shielding since it became obvious to me the Universe wanted me to float and be right in the middle of some situations. At times to feel and release and at times to practice being oh sooo neutral. The ways that helped me just don’t help anymore. Constantly reinventing self and my spiritual practices, lol. I love this comment – thank you soooo much! I’m also “seeing” more of the unseen which is often quick, surprising and at times quite funny. Talk about a 3D movie… this is 5D! ❤

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      • Right?? 😀 Maybe I should try letting it flow, since resisting and trying to block makes me feel nauseated. Oh duh, it only just now occurred to me, right this second, that this very thing happened briefly when I met my boyfriend. Our connection is strong, and once I allowed it to flow, no more nausea. Duh… My brain is out to lunch. XD

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        • Ohh… I love this! Months ago I was mentally gone/in a fog and the Universe held me in it just to get me to think… differently. A rewiring. We got to let it flow and trust it’s for our best interests.

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