Don’t think… KNOW


Just checking in loves.  Life is happening so not online as much but I’m thinking of you.  Yesterday for me was.. WOW and WILD!  My mind doesn’t understand all of it… yet.  So this is just a reminder, BE… OPEN.  Let Spirit in or take the lead.  Be full of Spirit. 

The veils continue to be thin and now I’m thinking this might just be the new normal.  Oh, but don’t think… KNOW… feel… be!    No expectations.  Stay present.  It’s the present and gift you give to yourself.  Verses dwelling in the past or worried about the future.  The power is in the NOW.  Yours soul knows this and so do you but a reminder is helpful 🙂  I’m high on life.  Giddy… and passing along this vibe to YOU!  Who knows what will happen next.  Let me know what’s happening for you.  I ❤ you!

7 comments on “Don’t think… KNOW

  1. Writing a lot of Posts on Art. I have always been a little random, in the moment, with my posts. Those who follow me for the New Age have to see Art, those who follow for the Art see Conspiracy Theory (usually from David Wilcock), those who follow me for the Conspiracy see Airy Fairy Lightworker posts… I think this has hindered my Blog growth, but I am not going to change.

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