High Voltage


We are being socked with A LOT of energy and experiences.  While many are not conscious of it… boy are some feeling it.  It can feel like an overload and at times like the twilight zone.

Sleep in important now.  If you can, sleep.  Don’t be surprised if you awake wondering who you are… where you are.

I’ve noticed a pattern that on occasion I’m almost squinting/eyes half shut.  As if I’m in the bright sun yet that’s not the case.  Pineal/3rd eye activating/awakening, more?  YES!  The inner light is flooding the brain.

If you’re seeing new glimpses/visions, know that we’re used to seeing the Earthly glimpses and now there is some really strange and random mixed in.  It’s not from our normal plane of existence.  Therefore words aren’t helpful in trying to describe the indescribable.  Don’t overthink… anything.

I usually don’t get dates yet…  6 1 2016  seems to symbolize a balancing or potentially new starting point for some.  ∞  Many of us have be guided and at times get eager.  We’ve been told, “things” yet we have to hold on loosely.  Remember to breathe.  Seriously, this is not a race and there is more than enough.  No pressure.  Watch for your signs/synchronies.  This is about co-creating… not forced creation that often ends up not how we intended.  We can and do at times dampen what we so wish to experience all because we rush it.  I also chuckle since a few years ago I just wanted to be more psychic.  Then that quickly changed into being a medium which then that morphed into being a channel.  Well, scratch all of that.  It’s now clear to me the Universe wants me to be… me!  And same for you, too.

And I’ll mention the F word… Fear.  I saw the Jungle Book this weekend.  Honestly I don’t know the original.  The theme that grabbed me was that one must face their fear.  The boy, Mowgli, screamed to the fierce tiger, “I’m no longer afraid of you.”  And he wasn’t.  He realized he had skills and was smarter than the tiger who used and thrived on intimidation and fear.  You, too, are smart 🙂  And if you need to scream, maybe into a pillow or the air.  There is nothing wrong with screaming, you’re just converting energy.  I don’t recommend though picking a battle.  If you have a “tiger” in your life, work with the energy (in meditation, calmness) and then decide if a face-to-face is even needed.  This is about closure, healing and love, however it best works out.

So hold on kiddoes… or not 🙂  Are we having fun yet??  haha…

2 comments on “High Voltage

  1. First I have to say I just love your writing! A friend of mine just mentioned the squinting thing to me the other day! Things changing so quickly, all that can really be done is to go with the flow.

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    • Thank you so much for this comment and your kind words. Teary eyed <3… and yes, I was thinking about that, too. I experience and write and then… bam… in a very new moment which may be very different. WILD! haha. ❤ to you. Have a great day! Flowing…


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