Stuck between timelines?


Often one will hop a timeline in their sleep, not even knowing it and will awake, anew – just a bit different.  We underestimate the work that we do in our sleep.  At times, we also hop in our awake state in what seems like a simple, yet new choice that one makes.  Other times you know as you make a bigger choice.  You know that you are forever changed – as if you can feel it literally echo through lifetimes… because it is.

A moment may come though where life seems suspended.  As if it’s in slow motion.  You might see the reality that’s been your reality yet, also at the same time, feel who you are now; your energy.  It’s not an OOB… it’s very much an in body experience.

(A small pause to gently remind – stop looking outside for what you need.  It’s in YOU!  Amazing you!  There are times we need the external reminder but don’t overlook the gems/knowledge you hold.  You are the captain of your vessel.)

Now you realize that indeed something significant has changed, as if overnight (yet this has been awhile in the making).  You see the life you’ve been living/your role yet… you almost feel separate from it.  Distant yet, not.  Neutral yet, not.  You might not know all the future details of you, yet, you know that being able to sense both (to be the observer) is for a reason.  While this might only last a moment, it can also last for days.

You might feel as if choices/changes need to me made (and now).  It can be a bit startling (to ego… but it doesn’t have to be).   Really… it’s so simple.  You just have to breathe, to be and, willing to let go as needed.  You can’t and won’t stay in the in between limbo.  You can’t fall back into problem solver mode (where it’s you against the world or in your mind too much) either.  You have to, shift… continue to merge.  The Universe (of which you are a part of) will literally do it for you, if you just allow.

The term, grounding seems to take on a new meaning for me.  I’ve heard others say one will “drop down” and experience 3D as needed.  Well, you’re not falling.  You’re already an angel and 5D/Heaven on Earth is right here and now.  It simply is your reality (all of which you choose to experience).  So live it!  3D is dense at times and therefor one will attach to/ground until they are ready to float again.  See!  You are an angel right here on Earth.

By now you’re also aware that many situations are an illusion/test.  Brought right to you all for your benefit.  To release, to heal… to remember why you asked for the illusion in the first place.  To experience and then choose/call forth your next experience.  You are your own sorcerer.  You can and do create, magic.

At times the Universe will slow everything down for you to figure out a thing or two… or twenty, lol.  Whatever you don’t quite get… no worries, the Universe will find a way to make it very clear.  It’s all for your benefit.  A few months ago many of us felt big changes were coming.  Well, it’s time (or will be soon)… to leap yet again.  While we are and have already mastered… we are also practicing.

A few weeks ago I heard a whisper from an energy I know.  I heard, I’ll see you on the other side.  While my mind didn’t understand what this meant, I didn’t get alarmed.  Actually I smiled.  I knew I just had to keep, keeping on.  We do walk through sunny pastures, up mountains, through fog and in darkness.  No question.  No fear.  We know.  We stop and rest when we need to.  We hop, skip and jump, too.  In joy.

So if you’re a bit confused or feeling stuck, just ask yourself:  Am I making a choice out of fear/what seems like necessity?  Where can I mentally let go/disconnect?  Am I playing too much of a role in another’s play… or in an older chapter of your own story?  What weight am I continuing to carry that’s not mine?  Am I honoring my journey?  Truly?!

The Universe is ready to move you.  Are you ready to be moved?  What’s the next step?  Easy.  It’s… LOVE!  Let go, trust and travel light!  I’ll see you on the other side  <3.

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