Ahhhh…. after days of energy and experiences, everything seemed to settle.  I love the moments where it feel as if everything you’ve experienced and remembered catches up and becomes you.  Where those random questions are either gone or the answers are known.  You feel complete, at total peace, no question, worry or striving/longing. 

These past few months expanding and contrasting with the energy has been a moment by moment experience for me.  I don’t know it all (nor wish to).  I’d grown into an adult who liked routine and my spiritual journey has been anything but routine.  It’s been a walk of faith, map/instructions not always provided, yet, it was.

So I was in clean up mode and had several YouTubes I’d put to the side to watch some time ago.  As I cleaned and listened, I was also laughing.  One will often google to find a reference.  There is sooo much online now yet, at times you still can’t find exactly what your looking for.  These are the moments I know to write and share.  It helps in my process and hopefully another’s.  Now though, the random YouTubes I’d saved were answering/confirming the questions/experiences I’ve had this past year.  There was a reference… (but of course) yet, I blocked myself from finding it or making the time to… listen.  Just now was I a vibrational match to these answers/sharing since I had to have the experience.  Really now I don’t need the validation yet it was nice to feel the connection.  While each person’s experience is unique, there are some common stages and similarities.

I’ve heard the disclosure word yet I think it means different things to different people.  Occasionally I’d see what seemed like a disagreement, to disclose or not to.  Honestly I avoided the topic not quite sure what other’s were referring to.  For me, I used to wonder why not much was disclosed/written on, dark nights.  Some of my first spiritual teachers were of the inspirational/love your life/manifest anything… a little more glam spirituality and they certainly didn’t speak of anything negative.  I’ve shared as much as I can because it was a part of my process and felt right to do so.  Spirituality is both the dark and the light.  I do get it though… we don’t want to project/limit (since the Universe and potential of experiences is unlimited) or possibly scare another.  Even the tough moments though do have a divine purpose.  But at no point did I get a disclosure memo or rules.  I thought of the Mystery Schools.  Why were they a mystery?  Did they not feel safe?  I can see why (previous history including being burned at the stake).  So see, we are cutting edge.   Able to be so free in our beliefs and expression of them.  I do remember years ago hearing often the our government was for full disclosure.  Maybe that was more a reminder for us.  🙂

So I feel as if I’m entering a new stage.  Finding my voice and wings as I emerge yet again.  You, too.  In a very amazing human body in a very spiritual place.  Whatever stage you are in, you are Divine.  Love being you.

❤  Thank you for reading.

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  2. This is a topic I write of often. Disclosure. If you can look at the dark side of spirituality with the heart of the light side, you will smile to hear the latest disclosure. Not to make fun of anyone, it very well could be true, but to see how absolutely fascinating it is. For all is divine, never forget this fact.

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