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On a variety of topics.  So buffet style – take what serves you.  🙂  I seemed to get on a roll and end on the topic of money/abundance.

The past two nights I’ve found it hard to go to sleep and then hard to awake.  I remember playing ball in my dream state.  Just like base/softball.  Tossing back and forth… back and forth an energy ball.  What awoke me was when the ball was not caught and dropped.  It was a loud sound that seemed to echo so I awoke with my heart racing.  Okay… so… don’t drop the ball.  Or… just keep playing.  🙂

The sound though also reminded me of a knock on the door.  What opportunities are available to you?  And will you answer or ignore?

The energy for my today is intense and it’s 100% heart.  I’ve already meditated twice.  The first was just to free up some of this energy.  I could feel it wash over me as I reminded it to circulate throughout me.

There are so many ways to be psychic/with Spirit/Spirit.  If you’ve been using a certain way and have noticed a degrees in your connection, Spirit might be reminding you to broaden your skill set.  For years when I meditated I could feel my energy reaching out and up, trying to make a connection and often that worked.  Some time ago I tried that way and was literally blocked.  It was no longer an option.  That’s when I started not only turning inward but remaining inward and building my temple/connections/universe.  I will say it took several meditations and is ongoing.  At first I was frustrated because I had success with the old way and now this didn’t seem successful.  You literally hold the answer for anything so continue to build your light body.  Honor, respect and practice.

Yesterday I did have a spiritual headache.  It’s been a while since I’ve had one.  Also draining batteries with the touch of a hand and lower back pressure.  Relax.  Stay open.  If you start thinking, your in your mind too much, not your heart.

I’ve been writing on floating verses ground for a bit now.  For me it just seemed to happen.  The traditional grounding that had worked for me no longer did and now I seem to understand.  You can’t connect to something you are not.  You float to discover who you are.  There will be moments you, ground.

The business of being a lightworker.  Hmmm.  Interesting choice of words to string together in a sentence.  At times I write on the question of lightworkers and money.  I will say that I don’t have THE answer.  It does seem to be a common question and I’ve found other teachers responses interesting as well.  As a human, I haven’t heard an answer that 100% satisfies my mind.  As a spiritual being, I know that we are all provided for and that money is and is not important.  It’s just energy.  Money is a major theme here that ties into so many other themes.  Self-worth, gratitude, generosity, lack mentality, etc.  Often though it’s not about, money.  It’s about anything but money.  Fear will drive one if you let it.  Make sure you check in and clear, fear.

I will say that the word business and lightworker go together but probably not like your mind thinks.  Your “business” is to be you… to do your inner work.  Then everything else just happens/falls into place.  So if you’ve awoken, this is HUGE!  If you can find a way that the Universe can support you during this time, you are blessed!  And there is a way yet it, again, probably isn’t how you think.   In my journey I had to let go of much to find a way.  While it was sad and the uncertainty felt uncomfortable in those moments, I can’t say I miss anything I let go of.  It was too much cluttering my view and taking my time/attention.  Life can be simple AND good!  And whatever you let go of, you can decide later to bring back into your life.  Now, I’m not saying one needs to sell everything they own, just to look at all of your options.

Often as one awakens, the “mission” part seems to be first and foremost.  We seem to forget the power and awesomeness of the awakening.  Awakening is not a moment.  While there might be a defining moment that you, awoke, it’s a process that can take years and lifetimes.  Yet, doing one’s mission seems paramount and urgent.  Well… breathe.  That would be urgent.  The issue is, one will feel an enormous amount of energy as they awaken which gets translated in our mind as, get to work utilizing your gift and now.  Spirit doesn’t rush and the fate of the planet is not resting on your shoulders.  Breathe and take care of yourself.  You were inservice before you awoke and this will continue – no pressure.

I’ve offered services for years and interacted with others who do.  Some have been very successful.  Some take great risks not fully prepared for what might be the reality.  Know that you set up your plan to protect you. There is every reason to succeed and not to – both divine.  With this next wave that is waking up, I anticipate a surge of new lightworkers opening shops/boots on the ground, etc.  How exciting.  When I tried this years ago I was a bit shocked to see the competitive nature of some lightworkers.  I’m all about, community.  I was also surprised how much energy was given to the word, money.  I kept thinking, love.  Very different vibration and therefore not many connections/understandings made.

If you are an newly awakened and excited lightworker, I’m excited for you, too.  I would not discourage you from anything.  I would encourage you to meditate/sit/ponder on your themes and lessons with money.  Lessons usually stay till we have mastered them.  I’ve seen some who awoke and felt certain because of what they were shown/told it would be instantaneous and 100% divinely supported; miracle like.  Does this happen?… Yes!  🙂  Yet… so not like you think.  Often it’s small and incremental, patience and persistence.

Just ask to be supported.  Well, you are.  If you think it needs to come from a business really you are only limiting yourself.  Support (money) comes from the Universe in all sorts of ways and honestly… I’d bet you are not fully appreciating many of those ways right now.

So if you are feeling the call, answer.  Do what makes sense for you and your immediate family.  Baby steps and then the bigger strides and leaps come.  You are wealthy, rich and abundantly provided for.  Gratitude works.  Blessing and love to you!

And… I just changed the facebook page.  Gheez, actually many options.  It’s been a personal blog for 18 months (9, completion).  Honestly I don’t post all of my blogs there, often others. It feels like support, sharing and a community.  Small change = big smile.  🙂

8 comments on “Lightworker sharing…

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  2. I jumped into service using my gifts right after my awakening in 2003. I learned quickly that my gifts alone were not enough despite being successful at using them. Then I was sent in another direction, which I resisted. The resistance sent me into my Dark Night. lol So yeah, mediate before jumping in.

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  3. Molly this resonates with me so much! Right now I’m trying to build my business as an Intuitive Counselor, and it’s been really hard trying to put everything together. I don’t know quite how to broadcast myself and how to create my image. Do you have any suggestions?

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    • Amber, I love you! And this is awesome and you will be divinely guided. I wish I had a sunshine and roses story or a short cut. I meet a lot of resistance/struggle and then each time pulled in more and then better understood the next step. Literally just the next step. I found often other will pay for a meal/drink over a session that could change their life. Well, maybe the dinner did, too. When each is ready. We are in new waters though. New, rules yet I don’t care for that word so much. We have to try! Trust… and be so open. It’s not how we, think. We also have to balance with our life/safety/needs/ comforts. There are so many ways to “market” yet I found the “work” usually becomes something else. It’s about timing and getting you to your highest purpose. So if you’re having fun, good. If not, look for your signs and pull in to know. Your vibration will broadcast – it does the work for you. It will bring you what you need. For me I was hard headed so it brought me struggle to crack and realize what I was to really do. I could go on and on so email me if you wish. I love you and wish you much success! You do and will help others.

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  4. In the beginning I struggled with how I should be in-service, looking at it from a purely career point of view. But I now know that I am always in-service, the mode of operation so to speak would only be the outlet. I have always said to friends that money is ink printed on paper. The value it holds is the value we assign it (energetically). This month has felt like major shifts taking place for me. I always feel so uplifted when I read your posts! Thank you for sharing who you are!

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    • I love YOU!! Thank you for sharing all of this. In-service truth! It almost feels like a catapult/sling shot… being loaded, pulled way back and we are getting ready to shoot forward. Wow and wonder what’s next!


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