Day Three of…


Feeling and integrating major energy.  These waves have been coming closer and closer for me now.  (I just had a moment/day of ease and peace earlier in the week and then bam more energy.)  Life has also been busy for me.  The last time I felt energy similar to this (December & March), I was not only warned (to go slow and keep things simple), but life was pretty simple.  So it’s been interesting to be/have/doing both.  I believe this is the point.  Can we now do both?

After this evening’s wave, I thought of one of my favorite attractions as a child/teen at an amusement park. It was the Yogi Bear House.  It was a walk through an upside down house.  That’s what this energy feels like at times.  I don’t want to say, loss of reality, just a very different view.

There have been moments of normal but then a few hours of nausea, then teeth aching, then another headache (today on the left side for me) and getting flushed/hot.  Waves of energy moving through my body and feeling as if my entire body is vibrating.  AND I smile.  Yes, because often when the intense waves come, one has a choice.  You can grumble or wonder if you’re sick.  I’m choosing – life is good and I am full of gratitude.

I’d planned to write a Happy Memorial Day Weekend post.  The old me loved and lived for this weekend.  It symbolized the kick off of summer and my inner mermaid.  (Now I love and live for literally each day 🙂  So I actually started this post this morning at 9 and now it’s 10 p.m.  So add to the list, loss of time.

I live in a small town that is a corridor to a popular tourist destination – the beach.

I paused in the grocery store parking lot today to see so much activity and excitement for the weekend.  It was contagious.  The off season is over… the on season has begun.  On my drive home, Renegades came on the radio and seemed to be the theme song for the day.

Yes, let’s get this weekend started.  A time to enjoy and celebrate.  Pause and look how far you have come.  Yes, you!  Seriously… huge leaps and bounds.  I smile.  So, no work (yet if you are working thank you and please be kind to yourself).

Relax, play, have fun!  Live!  Love!  No agenda.

If you’re feeling these energy waves/upgrades and need to rest and go slow, do that.  Honor your process and journey.  If you can, also make the most out of each situation.  Do, both!  See what comes to you – signs, messages through family, friends or even a stranger and in those moments you do relax, new incite.

Happy Weekend!  Enjoy!  I’m with you in Spirit since we’re all connected 🙂   Much love!   ❤


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