Hmm… well… days of energy and then a sight pause and then days of energy and then…  Nothing.  If you’ve been doing this journey for a while you understand the space of no thing isn’t a bad thing.  If you’re new though, this space will cause you brain confusion.  I even forget that this happens more so than not.  The pause.  It’s so quiet.  Really it’s just a moment yet it can be a day or two… or three.  You feel certain after all that energy runs through you that something BIG will be revealed… and it will.  All is well so now is not the time to panic. 

The veils/curtains are in place at the moment.  (Possibly though by the time I post this, a new moment will start.)  You’ll feel very human and want your special powers back.  You’ll realize you indeed do have a gift.

The “reveal”/next act is coming and soon.  Anticipation.  I felt that this weekend was to, enjoy and that is the case.  The Universe at times gets busy and we’re not informed of all the details of their party/meeting/behind the scenes.  We though need to enjoy our time.  You can be patient and wait for the veils/curtain to lift or… take a break.  Either way, you’ll know when the next act starts.

I’m also sensing, no excuses ahead.


We’ve been given a break to do what we need to.  So go to the bathroom, get your snack, check your phone, etc.  Being symbolic here.  When the next act starts, you won’t want to have to excuse yourself.

This also bring up a question… do you wish to be an observer this next round or on the stage??  Really it doesn’t matter, just check your vibration.  What is best for you?  Is a change needed?  Are you ready to walk in your power… all the time (no more hiding, loving who you are, just the way you are)?  Trust that the Universe already knows what you need.  If your called up to the stage, say, yes.

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