Life in the slow lane.

Yesterday I was greeted by this small snail.  I smiled and thought, go slow.


I awoke this morning to rain.  Months/years ago rain symbolized letting go and releasing.  Often emotionally releasing.  Now, to go slow and let life flow.

I sat with my coffee and was then greeted by this large turtle.  Turtles and I have history.  It has though been quite some time since I’ve seen one.  And this is not the first time one traveled some distance to pass along a message.  GO SLOW.  Slow and steady wins the race.  No bunny around, lol.

This turtle was a big one.  And interesting, both signs have a shell they can retreat into if needed.

Months ago my signs were different.  A large tractor on the road blocking the lane, a school bus that seemed to stop at every block even if no children got off, a road construction crew with numerous signs like, caution, reduce speed, etc.

I will say when you slow down you see things you haven’t seen before.  Appreciate the small and large signs.  Appreciate the small and large moments and gifts.  Live and love slow.

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