Through the looking glass


Loved the movie.  Full of symbolism.  If you read my blog, you’ll, get it!  For me references to the void, time and to use is wisely, all that’s needed is a spark… oh I could go on and on.  You’ll, see.

And, while you can’t change the past, you can learn something, new.  A trip back to review the records.  Perspective makes all the difference.  Nothing is impossible.  Be like Alice, just go!

Good fun  🙂

6 comments on “Through the looking glass

  1. Of course you went to see this movie, I did too! I went to see it at an Imax Theater for the extra 3D effects! I loved the message, nothing is impossible and time is everything. Just as we were talking about a few days ago with what I’m aiming to do with my natural abilities, time is everything! Alice in Wonderland is my favorite Disney movie because of the symbolism and trippiness of it all! 🙂

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  2. The first one was good. I have not seen the second. Just home from trip. Made 8 cups of chai in my spaghetti pot. Drank two cups, fridge for the rest. Iced Chai for tomorrow. It is spicy enough Chai for no sugar or honey. It is hard to find Traditional Indian Masala Chai with no added sweeteners at the coffee shops. Some people get home and unpack… I get home and make tea.

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    • I also loved the first one and at first thought this was wasn’t as good but then, just didn’t care:) Would love to watch back to back. Chai tea… hard to find a good one since they seem to range taste wise. Good for you that you make your own.

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