This mornings energy is… hopeful.  I’ll take that.  While the long weekend was grand, I’ll share I could also feel an internal struggle. 

I started this sight writing what I believed and knew.  Then, even that changed as new questions and experiences arose.  So for some time now it’s more about writing as honest as I can.  Not that I didn’t do that before, it’s just in the journey, you shed many skins.  I’ve been feeling changes, differently, for a few months now and even more so these past few weeks.  Yet when I ponder on the past several years… it’s been nothing but change after change after change.

So the hopeful energy is good.  As if something (whatever the internal struggle was) has been released.  With each energy wave, within days I have new direction and purpose.  This last one though seemed to leave me feeling a bit… unsettled in moments.  I know that it’s me yet also the collective.  There are certain groups/energy we feel a bit more dialed into than others.  I’ve felt the energy before, guidance was provided and work was done.  This time though, silence.

I awoke this morning from a dream.  I’d just seen Alice Through The Looking Glass and the words I awoke with were, Things are about to get Mad Hatterish.  Then, a crazy chuckle.  Oh my…  Surreal would be another good word.  I’m ready.  Are you?  This is our energy.

This journey is not always easy.  Some of us are being reset hard and fast.  We have choices though.  Utilizing what we have, we are alchemists.  We do transform emotions, situations, etc.  Our head and heart, at peace and open for this magic.

Over the weekend, as I weeded, a raven was circling closely overhead.  I’d looked up the raven symbolism a while back to be a bit surprised.  It wasn’t what I thought.  A raven will take what has died/been discarded, digests it and then their excrement contain no bacteria.  Talk about an alchemist!  I don’t have a garden per say yet a few areas that need consistent weeding.  While I do enjoy it, some would say it’s a chore.  Actually, it’s like a lot of situations in life.  It can seem like a never ending duty or… labor of love.  Yet if you just pick a spot and start, staying focused on one area at a time, before you know it, the job is done and looks amazing.  So now is not the time to get flustered or overwhelmed.  Do what you love/pick your spot and one small step at a time.

As far as the raven… well, how many ego check/deaths can one have?  Many!!  At this point, for me, there is no sense in counting.  They’ve come in so many different ways.  And the point is not to kill our ego.  It’s actually to love it, relax it, sooth it and work with it.  There’s been an integration energy for week/months now and it seems to be stimulating this part of our brain.  It also seems to simulate the fight or flight mechanism so, see what triggers still remain.  Smooth them out.  You are blending the most powerful divine moments and aspects with a very human body and Earth plane.  You can do it!

So it’s confession time.  Get whatever thoughts/feelings up and out.  Absolve/resolve.  Take what you are feeling and use it as fuel.  Find a way to make it positive.  And if it’s already positive, take it to the next level.  If it feels like things are falling apart – let them.  Stop wasting energy trying to keep it all together.  Your life needs to expand, a few things need to fall through the cracks and it will come back together in a newer, truer form.  Trust!

And if your a lightworker who feels like you’re, done done done  (which could be in either a good or frustrated way) and are wondering, what’s next… try to stimulate the receiving and giving thread.  It’s the same yet which end are you plucking?  Now might be the time to, receive.  Or, to give and possibly in a new way.  Or, to find the middle 🙂

So stay OPEN.  Now is not the time to close.  And, get your hat… things are about to get real… surreal!

AND… as I finished typing this (much smaller than yesterday’s) turtle was crossing the yard.  Haha… Go slow.



11 comments on “Confession

    • Kay I love it when you stop by. Seriously, we need to meet sometime. +wine 🙂 I’ve been a bit outside of my (old) comfort zone for a while now, often in a free fall energy and then it all catches up. I used to channel these lovely messages but this past year has been a wild ride. It’s like riding a roller coaster with your eyes closed or wide open. I know it will level out at some point. Until then… haha!


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