Dark forces??


I really don’t have many soapbox topics but I guess I’ve found one.  And… I’m not sure I want to open up this can of worms but I seem to be typing away already.  (Really this is just a post.)  What I’d discover was this ended up being a challenging post to write.  Continue reading

Jacked on Energy

I rarely do life before 6 a.m.  I don’t know why I even made a cup of coffee.  I don’t need it yet, I do enjoy coffee.  I do love the pre-dawn hour and being with the rising sun.  Well, this morning it was the moon followed by the sun.  It can be a powerful meditation time.  So I am chill and zen yet I can feel the energy running in my body, particularly from root to higher heart.  The energy started yesterday for me and I wrote… Continue reading

You were always 5D


Many have been working towards 5D (Fifth Dimensional Reality) for months or years now.  Whether that be moving into that reality/version of Earth or embodying that level of energy.  Well, as I was driving, this thought became very clear to me.  We came in (birthed) as 5D.  We held that energy of love, awe and wonder for several/many years.  Then most of us (at different times and from different experiences) dropped or merged into 3D and spent quite some time there.  Continue reading

Flying grasshopper


Yesterday the energy was amazing and then a switch was flipped.  I felt like my body puffed up and I was ready for a nap.  I could feel my life purpose chakra (right below my heart) as if it was my core muscle. At times this is just anchoring energy.  These ups and downs.  Are they convenient?  Often not.  Are they important?  Yes. Continue reading


I actually wasn’t going to blog today realizing I always blog on Monday but…  (I do believe change is good and at times you need to shake things up.)  So don’t you love reading the well thought out posts where it all flows so nicely?  Haha, this probably wouldn’t be one of them.  Just passing along a few things. Continue reading

Somewhere Over the Rainbow


The energy today is SUBLIME!  Ahhh…

Honestly though for several days it seemed, gray.  Like I was in a black and white movie.  I knew nothing was wrong yet I was noting it.  I was wondering what happened to the 5+D color version I was in?  This morning I seemed to know that it’s as if things have been working themselves out, unbeknownst to my mind.  I don’t need to know.  The issue isn’t is one in 3D, 5D, whateverD… it’s how does one traverse back and forth and side to side?

Continue reading

2020 Collective Vision


I’m in a reflective state of mind today.  If you’ve followed this blog, you know the story of why I named this website – I was thinking ahead.   While 2020 is still 3.5 years away, it’s on my mind in this moment. Yes, a lot can happen between now and then.  While most of this blog/my writing and experience is about being present and taking this journey day by day, step by step, well… Continue reading

We are being asked to SHIFT… yes, AGAIN

Are you ready?

Well kiddos… (I say this greeting to remind that we are supposed to be playing through this thing called life), the energy today has been up and down and now… this sense of relief for me.  Ghee, what was that all about?  A pause?  An attitude check?  Yes, it does feel at times like the Universe holds one in a mood/lower gear.  Continue reading