There are times on this journey you know the Universe is raising your energy and awareness.  Or you might be in a healing phase or even that your being tested.  Then there are the moments where you feel a bit clueless yet, you felt so wise just the other day, lol.  Your turn inward to discover your inner guru is out to lunch. 

So no turtle today but as I pulled out onto the road, a slow moving car with flashing lights.  And my trip to the store… I felt like I was in the twilight zone.  Everything was moving so  s-l-o-w-l-y.  I smiled, breathed and remained present.  I went through a phase a few months ago where people I often talked with didn’t even see me.  And if I got in their face/space (in a nice and joking way), they seemed startled and not sure how to respond.  It’s all about energy.  Upgrading is in your aura.

Today the lady before me in line had a message for me.  No, she wasn’t even speaking to me but synchronistically it was the same short message I heard on my way to the store.  Repetition does help 🙂  These messages though are not to be overthought.  At times you are just reading the energy ahead.  So I will also mention there seems to be some random yet intentional messages/seeds in the air.  No worries, truth always becomes crystal clear and at times it’s like putting a puzzle together.  So after what felt like an eternity in line for toothpaste, I did pep walk to the car knowing it was time to just go home.  We do though leave our energy every place that we go so, sprinkle your magic dust and enjoy the show.

I’ve been watching the patterns of when time speeds up and when it slows down.  What I am doing, where am I, who I am with.  It’s a bit telling in itself.

So I asked for guidance this afternoon and heard, recalibration.  Ahh.  Our human mind doesn’t understand.  I’ve felt moments of scans/assessments (there seems to be so many ways/steps/processes and I must have asked for the surprise me version of awakening).  This is similar yet more like a subtle upgrade.  A few things get moved around.  I do wonder why it doesn’t happen in our sleep yet, we’re already doing so many things in our sleep state.  At times one needs to be in their own energy and it’s not a day to get a lot done.  Being relaxed and neutral sure does help.  Really there’s nothing one needs to, do (it’s going to happen regardless).  So allow the tune up.  Meditate, rest, read a book, get crafty, go to the movies – guilt free.  I will also say that this is also a time where each is going through their own process.  Honor what arises.

PATIENCE does seem to be important right now.  Be patient with yourself and others.  You are right where you are supposed to be in your journey, no FOMO.  Glitches also seem to be happening.  Those very random and unusual moments.  So don’t take anything as set in stone/too serious.  It’s going to change.  Many are writing on the new moon weekend ahead.  There is a lot of energy around this weekend and we seem to be excited/hopeful/intentional/anchoring it in now.  Find a small way you, too, can honor.

Until the next message/experience/moment  🙂  … in love, light and service.

3 comments on “Recalibration

  1. Hello Molly, back the daily schedule with the Holiday over around here. Mackinaw Island recharged my spiritual batteries… I had been running on low. Someday I want to spend a good amount of time on the Island. Yet, the Island is costly to stay at… so I need a rich boyfriend whose family has a Summer House on the Island… lol. Some of the most costly houses in Michigan are on that Island. The people who have houses there tend to be rich. Only a few live there year around, as it gets isolated and cold in the winter.

    Am I rambling… sorry that this comment is not on topic with the post in the least. Things are a little slow here, but I live in the slow lane. To me slow is relaxing. So as a traveler, I am more likely to be on a cruise then air diving. After about a week, I need to go home to recharge a different set of batteries.

    There is one set of batteries that is recharged with travel, and an entirely different one that gets recharged at home. Strangely enough the home batteries are recharged by travel, and the travel batteries recharged by home. The charge on the travel batteries is very short when compared to the home batteries.

    … what am I talking about… yes slow lane. Sorry for my inability to focus. Enjoy the Slow Lane!

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    • haha… are you drinking tea??? Glad you are high on life! Travel/change of scenery will do that 🙂 Well… spend time there (mini trips) doing what you love and then possibly find mate there as well 🙂 Universe works in mysterious ways.

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      • Strangely enough I have Iced Green Tea right now. Earlier today I finished my Chai. (Drank most of it yesterday.) The day has settled down, and I am surfing the web.

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