A New Day


Okay… a new and significant shift in energy has rolled in for me.  So I’m not thinking, just typing.

So… this means a few sentences might seem, direct.  If you follow along, I do often ease into certain statements.  This energy/message is more, to the point 🙂  Still though with much love and in light and… take what serves you.

If you haven’t been receiving messages, get ready.  Remain open.  There are a lot of new guides coming in (well, they’re here).  Teachers as well.  Yes, there is a difference.  Guides, guide.  Like a good friend.  Teachers, teach.  You might not know and really it doesn’t matter – it’s all good!  And yes, there are many different forms (departed loved ones, Angels, Spirits with no names, etc. etc. etc.) willing, ready and able to assist.  It might start slow – a word, a sentence but then don’t be surprised if you need to get a pad of paper to take notes.

If you’ve been pulling in and getting to know your soul more and entrusting your higher-self.  Done.  You are your higher self.  Yet this is a process, you will know as it unfolds (often in time, stages and ways that are special and unique for you).

If you’ve been building a light body, it’s time to SHINE.   It’s time to walk your walk and, talk your talk, in ease, grace, strength, compassion and wisdom.  If your still asking how, whining, complaining…  Try feeling blessed.  Try believing.  Being at peace + happy = a vibration others would want to be around.  It’s attractive.  Of course good things are going to come to you.  Try smiling.  Get out of your analytical mind.  That’s so 3D.  Use your unlimited spiritual mind and heart.  Be divine!

Been hungry or put on a few pounds?  Grounding and anchoring the new energy.

If your life has been turned upside down, breathe.  Now is the time to take care of yourself.


And from that, you are changing the world.  Lightworker, you have the rest of your life to assist others.  It has to start with you.  You have to experience it, live through it and be an example.  To be stable so that other’s issues clearly aren’t your issues.  You will pull up the next wave.  Can this be humbling and frustrating (having to fix/address your life verses others)?  Yes!  I’ve been there.  I had an entire former life and career there.  It just leads to burn out.  The Universe has a much better plan so no skipping steps.

Nothing is happening to you.  It’s happening for you.  From victim vibration to empowerment.  Don’t beat yourself up though if you’re in victim mode – we’ve had thousands of lifetimes as victims; it’s been in our makeup and will continue to fade away.

There is so much to, see.  Look again.  Look up and around.  You have new sight now, too.

Can you feel your heart opening and your fingertips tingling??  New relationships are within reach.  Reach out and connect.  If you don’t feel the connection/spark/not reciprocated, keep trying.  The right person/group will want to be around you.  In the past there have been lightworkers each doing their own thing to help humanity and tribes that have provided friendship and comfort yet might not have found a way to work/prosper/$ sustain together.  This will be changing.  A whole new level of support/infrastructure is getting ready to rise up.

This is your time.  This is our time.  Oh what an exciting time.  So until next time, I ❤ you.


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