Haha… not so fast.  Just when you (think you) understand the rules of the game, can see the playing field and feel ready to sprint towards the goal line… well…  I wrote this from bed earlier today.  Sidelined.  I’m not sick (won’t claim that word) but I am clearing.  Oh… this journey.  It seems as if some deep cellular stuff might surface. 

I’ve been in my pj’s all day.  I never give myself permission to do this.  You may or may not be told the story/reason why the (trust me) weird symptom (or at least in my case, a story for another time).  You do have a choice.  You can claim it or clear it.  Bless that it is coming up now in what appears to be illness.  It’s better than suppressing and later having disease manifest.  When you decide to do this inner work/jump timelines, it’s a ripple effect.  Who knows what might come up as you start, anew.  You are not sickly though.

It’s raining outside so it seem to fit the overall mood.  I love being active and outdoors so it’s not like I’m missing a nice sunny summer day.  And I am truly blessed that I can make this a priority.  I will say when you’re not at your normal, you do appreciate all the good health days (that you just take for granted).

I believe in doctors and our medical system.  I also believe in ones healing ability and holistic health.  Some issues might need professional attention.  I always turn inward first and ask.  If they alarm/panic you, calm down and breathe.  It’s just to get your attention.  I’m sure just about all of us have had a medical situation where even the doctor isn’t quite sure what’s going on.  Even after many traditional tests are run – no clear answer.  I believe those are the cellular clearing moments.  For me I seem to know I just need a day or two (yet it takes however long it takes) so… no worries.

I was thinking though.  So much has been written on dis-ease in the spiritual community.  Honestly there’s also a bit of shame mixed in.  Like, truly spiritual people don’t get sick.  Yet what if processing/converting illness is a great honor.

I’ve reached for my laptop a few times to share an incoming message that feels deep and awe inspiring yet then the words are gone.  It’s as if the message is just for one and others will know/receive at the right time.  For some time I’ve had a theory.  That the Universe holds you in certain energy/experiences for a reason.  I’ve noticed my own patterns and situations.  Often unexplainable.  I’ve had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  I’ve been so wise and… a box of rocks.  These moments/experiences though help us find our tribe and make contributions.

I awoke feeling like I was cracking out of/shedding a shell.  I heard the words, “There is one Master Soul.”  I was shown this some time ago in a mediation.  Our Earth/solar system is just on a ray that goes back to a master sun.  There are many rays.  Awe, maybe those wisdom teachings are coming back around.  I’ve had a tour these past few years – quite a sampling.

I do feel a new level of writing getting ready to break through.  I thought back to years ago.  My very first channeling notebook.  I remember being so in my head I was certain I’d catch an error/lie/duplication in the messages… just to prove that it was all bogus/fake/crazy.  I was on a search for truth.  Well, what if it’s all lies?  What if we still haven’t gotten to the truth?  What if there isn’t truth?  Haha!

Well, what I discovered is the Universe has a beautiful story to tell you.  It’s a love story.  The greatest I’ve ever heard/read/written.  I also seemed to want to know the ending just as it was all starting.  Some time later I’d realize, there is no end.  It does go on and on.

I wrote a manuscript where I quoted every message I received.  I wanted to honor the higher guidance.  I noticed in my current notebook, I didn’t have any quotes.  My words/questions and the answers were all, one.  We are every guide/energy that comes to us.  Talk about multiple personalities.  Hmm.  I also thought on how we just have to, write.  This is not always writing for approval/likes or even understanding (which often comes in time).  We, first, just have to write.

So this is enough for now.  I’ll write more later.  I’m thinking of you and smiling.  We’ll see what unfolds this new moon weekend.  I’ll be going slow.  ❤  ❤

4 comments on “Holding

  1. Get well at any speed that is right for you. No need to push yourself to be well soon. Just enjoy the chance at rest that illness gives you, and allow yourself to feel the moment. Sometimes we need a reason to slow down to just let ourselves be. So learn all you can from the change that comes from giving space for illness.

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  2. It is important to listen to your body…many messages are received this way. I understand completely what you have written and it’s neat to think of those days as “deep cellular cleaning”…it can sure feel like it!! Wishing you peace as you sit with the feelings and understanding fills your heart ♡

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