Okay kiddoes!  How’s everyone doing?  I feel like I have much to share yet… this is not something new, lol.

If you are feeling anxious/anxiety, this is normal!  There is a lot of incoming energy and you’re leaving one “plane” and emerging into another.  Loving yourself sure does help as you merge.  Change is hard (but doesn’t have to be 🙂  and our human body at times just wants to hold on to what we know and what’s gotten us thus far but… we are more than human.

These two articles I loved reading.  Tiffany broke it down perfectly:  solar-cosmic-energy-shift-alert-june-4th-5th-2016

And Lisa is my girl!  (woman)

She was able to explain to my mind, in a slightly different way, what I’ve been starting to understand – the merging the Divine experience with this earth bound reality.  Lisa calls them, landings.  I think of a moon walk.  Floating so high (no gravity) and landing so hard (the density).  The terrain, our new Earth, seems bumpy and a bit foreignAnd you feel like you’re wearing a heavy and awkward space suite when really you just want to float freely.  I now know it’s part of the process but a step (one of many) I wasn’t forewarned of.  We have to experience it.

In my journey, I had an extended period and then mini-periods of isolation.  I never argued but it’s become clear to me now another reason why.  The other day I was in the city and it was very busy.  Yet all of my signs were indeed there.  All of the signs I’d been taught when life slowed way down.  The signs that the old me and most of society just don’t see.  They all seemed to glow for me.  With each sign, I smiled and was grateful.  I could also see patches of timelines.  A simple situation and how it had many options as to how it could play out.

Let me break it down with this example.  I stopped for gas.  A man glanced my way but quickly looked down and then away.  I saw all the possible outcomes.  One of them being that two humans just ignored each other and then go on their way.  Another being that a hello is exchanged but what was being pointed out to me was this person and I did have something in common.  We did have a message to exchange.  It was a simple message of, hope.  As I pulled away, I was then told more and tears came to my eyes.  Could a simple and kind word/action change the course of another’s life?  YES!!

This moment then seemed to be used again as I later watched people ignore others because they were in a hurry/stressed/in their own bubble/on the phone/passed judgement/made assumptions, etc.  Can I just remind all of us, we are missing so many divine moments – seize them!

A theme that also seems to have arisen is, art therapy and it’s importance.  Honestly I’d forgotten that I tried to be an artist for a year.  It was a dream I had.  Honestly I wasn’t successful yet I felt blessed to be able to give it a try.  The interesting thing is, it was a gateway to channeling for me.  That year I was making connections, just not the ones I thought.  So much is going on before that pinnacle of awakening.

Last night as I step outside to glance at the stars, I also saw lightening.  Powerful forces are at play.  I was shown that we are actually holding away what we so wish to have/experience.  We keep it at bay.  Why?  For many reasons.  If you feel ready, you can make quantum leaps and jumps.  Allow it to come to you.

And a simple question arose in me.  Are you done playing small?  Can I tell you that much of this journey is about… small.  Small changes, gifts, reminders and moments that mean so much.  You do have to appreciate a breathe… a sunrise, a flower.. a whatever.  Yet there are times to dream big and live large.  To be willing to take those larger steps and leaps.  Are you ready?  I think so.  Call in your and the greatness.

A neighbor had burned a fire most of the day to clear brush.  So as I stood with the darkness, stars, and off in the distance lightening, I watched as the last embers extinguish.  It was as if this wasn’t to happen.  It did seem to symbolize an ending.  A new fire will need to be started.  Hmm…  I do ❤ this story and all of the possibilities.  We have landed.  Now let’s see what unfolds.

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