Strong Current


Just a short story.  I got away to the beach for a few hours.  I needed it more than I knew.  The water here is still cool but after a few minutes, it felt heavenly.  The ocean can heal much.

I had days of signs to go slow and then a small yet significant health issue/clearing that arose.  I have been going slow.  And just about each day a sign to continue to, go slow.

So after I picked a spot on the beach and settled in, it wasn’t twenty minutes and I watched an ATV come down the shoreline.  A lifeguard.  He hopped off with a flag and walked close yet paused.  He was about to set up a caution flag/swim advisory for rip currents.  He then seemed to get a call on his radio (from Heaven??).  He was being told the exact spot to place the flag.  So he made several more steps until he was right in front of me and then placed the flag in the sand.

I’ve seen this happen before.  Usually a flag is placed every so many feet for a stretch of beach to warn beach goers to use caution, to not go in too deep.  The lifeguard then warned families that just this spot had a warning (yet he seemed to have a hard time defining it) – yes, a bit unusual.  This was now just for my sheer amusement and I was trying not to laugh at loud.  No other flags were placed and I watched him drive away on his ATV.  I was waiting for him to post other flags – nope.  Miles of shoreline and this one flag right in front of me, flapping in the wind, well, it was hard to ignore the sign and symbolism.  Hmm… Stay close to shore.  I was glad it wasn’t a red flag/no swim/danger 🙂

So I’ll keep you posted.  Right now I get the sense it’s so easy.  Just be. Smile and keep your heart open.  Everything is awesome.  Keep it simple.  Thank you for reading.  Have a beautiful day and big love to you.  ❤

3 comments on “Strong Current

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  2. I was feeling a little sick today. A head cold along with upset tummy.

    I came across a certain concept when I had a horrible headache one day. I thought, if 50 Shades of Grey type of people like pain, I am going to figure out how to enjoy having a headache. The minute I was finally able to switch to, enjoy the pain mode, the pain wanted nothing to do with that and disappeared.

    I try to use the same technique with illness. I never intended to make the sick feeling go away, sometimes it the sickness disappears in the light that I am determined to figure out how to enjoy it, and sometimes not.

    Today I had a head cold with sleepiness and my stomach wasn’t to happy with me. Almost as soon as I discovered that I was going to enjoy the illness (by going to bed and listening to an audiobook), I feel fine. I was able to listen to my audiobook while doing artwork.

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    • This is awesome! Good for you and thanks for sharing. Often it is about mindset. I figured I could go slow at the beach verses staying home/other choices and I was so glad – beach therapy, vitamin SEA! ❤

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