No pressure – Part two


Good day Angels, Lightworkers and Loves!  How are you doing?  Ten days ago I made a pressure cooker analogy and that energy is back.  So please keep in mind, no pressure.  The winds/energy/currents are STRONG!  Keep it simple, stay close and if needed find a way to relieve the pressure.  Much is going on now that our human mind doesn’t understand.  It will in moments and then in the future as all of this energy becomes our new normal.  First, we have to experience this.  For me, floating in the ocean was a great rest/reset.  So if you don’t have an ocean, take a bath or find a pool.  Go neutral.

Know though that you are anchoring and pulsing this energy so anything can happen.  Everything is divinely orchestrated for our healing, growth and embodiment.  Yesterday as I drove, the pressure in the air was intense – it felt like tornado weather yet that is not common here.  I was talking with Mother Nature (not wishing for that experience to happen) and on my return trip she gave a rainbow. It started on one side and then I could see the other side forming.  The colors were so intense, wide bangs that glowed and definitely 5D.  I was so delighted.  Then, as I was about to drive/pass under it, a complete rainbow formed.  Trust me that this picture (although beautiful) doesn’t do it justice.  To many, a rainbow is just a rainbow but, not to me.  It is my sign that I’m right where I’m supposed to be and I can literally feel it’s majestic power.  It’s one of the greatest gifts I can receive.  If you’ve been on this journey, you too understand.

I also saw another sign that had recently come to mind.  A doe on the side of the road with her newborn deer.  The baby was hardly able to walk and the doe stayed close giving gentle nudges.  We, too, have wobbly legs and Spirit will give us those gentle nudges of encouragement.  It won’t be long and we’ll be sprinting and hopping along.

So I can feel messages stirring in me and in time they’ll be released/expressed.  It’s not only time to turn the page but to… get a new notebook.  I’m excited to see how all of this will unfold.  I was glancing at the past few weeks in my notebook this morning.  Ghee, just like a kid in school.  My notebook is where I practice, note, doodle, and often have question marks or WTF??  Seriously??  Haha – it’s all good.  I’ve noticed more cuss words in online spiritual articles/youtubes these past few months so it does seem that the F word/cussing is becoming quite spiritual, lol.

I’m also feeling immense compassion and LOVE for everything.  Yesterday I was in a situation and was literally overwhelmed with emotions (yet at the same time a bit detached).  I didn’t know what to do and was rendered, speechless.  This is okay.  One of my early channeled messages explained to me that often no action is needed.  So be the observer, feel or remain neutral.  If needed, you can take action in the future.

Please also know that the pressure energy for some will be felt as PAIN.  Let’s be compassionate.

So… I just about dropped my laptop.  I’m outside typing away and looked up.  As I came out to write, I heard, Command from the sky what you want.  I paused and thought, a heart shaped cloud and smiled.  Then I said… no… one of those amazing rainbow halo’s, please.  I’ve only seen one ever – I was meditating on the back deck and was deep.  As I went to stand up, it was above me.  I did take it as a sign.  Now… here one was again.  Double wow and thank you!

Okay… so this is how it works.  If you can command a rainbow, you can call forth whatever you need.  It’s all about energy.  Practice and choose wisely.  This journey is amazing.   Alleluia!  Indeed blessed.  Happy dance.


9 comments on “No pressure – Part two

  1. Reblogged this on Angel Frequency and commented:
    Ok so I no longer live in linear time. ( TODAY) I was suppose to see this as WE “Molly and I” vibed up a huge rainbow on back to back days! June 5th and 6th I love her description of the energy and halo vibes, I also see Halos. BEING humbled by so much these days and having these incredible angels come into my life here on FB makes me cry with gratitude! Thank you for this share Molly!

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  2. Yes, I woke up thinking, “What is wrong with my brain?” Because my senses were hurting so much it made my brain hurt. I tossed and turned, and didn’t even remember to try to enjoy it (I only think of that sometimes.)

    After a while I got up and took my morning medication, and called my Mom to see if it was safe to mix pain medication with my morning medication (which calls for an empty stomach.)

    After I took the pain pill, I decided to stay in bed until it worked. After about an hour, I thought to use my Reiki Hands (I am a level 2 Reiki Master, because I wanted to be able to send Reiki across distances. I think the training helps me send blessings more effectively, even if I hardly ever send Reiki.)

    Anyway, with my hand pressed to my upper senses, and another on my mouth (when I get a headache my gums often hurt), I felt the heat from my hands. Almost immediately a hot energy spread throughout me, and I wondered if I was coming down with a fever. I kept on sending the Reiki to my senses, until after about 10 minutes the fever feeling disappeared, and I felt much better.

    My logical side can think the pain pill finally kicked in. How the spiritual side of me can say, after a long time of no use, my Reiki still works.

    The headache has now been gone all day. Yesterday, when I tried to just enjoy the pain, it only worked for a few hours. Seems Reiki has longer lasting benefits, then changing attitude.

    I was never officially Reiki trained. I bought, The Reiki Magic Guide to Self-Attunement, by Brett Bevell. It has three levels, but I felt like only going to level two. I would have to re-read the whole book (because its been three years since I got to level two) to train myself to Level Three.

    You see the books requests that you spend a certain number of hours sending healing to the Earth before completing level Three. I think it was 12 hours which can be broken up into smaller pieces. Because normally Reiki training is hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars, to ensure fair exchange the cost of the attunement is not just the cost of the book (that covered the level one attunement). I might have spent that amount of time over the last three years, but I hadn’t at that point.

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    • Haha, your first paragraph, last sentence made me laugh. And I just got done writing a post for tomorrow about our heads/minds. And that is awesome about the Reiki. Sometimes when I get a message from you, my ear rings right before. I seem to be able to do this with a handful of bloggers which is awesome. Spirit often teaches me about my gifts so I tend to stay away from costly programs and just stay patient and keep pulling in. I’ve loved learning/remembering this way. Often it’s about intention and no certificate is needed (although our world respects certificates). There’s no wrong way to do this stuff. 🙂 ❤

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  3. I just love reading your posts! The rainbows are so very vibrant now, the colors such a deep hue. I saw a deer this weekend as well. I am always struck by their gentleness and grace. They instantly calm me. I noticed this morning that some people I have come in contact with look a little shell shocked.

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    • And I love you taking the time to comment! Truly! This is awesome – the signs!

      And I meant to mention some will not be able to tolerate our energy. We can be 100% nice/normal and they still will need some space from us. Plus many are feeling the awakening energy and it can be amazing/bliss and also very very challenging. They have no words to describe what they don’t understand yet. We’re all in this together so giving others a reminder smile/wink when we can.

      Wishing you an awesome day and hugs. ❤ ❤


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