Brain fog or… Answers


Much is written on the mind in spirituality.  To be, mindful.  Or to get, out of your mind.  And the, “death” of ego.  Yet a mind is a wonderful thing, ego included.  When you can use it a bit differently than you have been accustomed to and get it in synch with your heart… ahhh!  It is a process though.  For me it took years to rewire my brain (and this continues).

I had to dump several old files and balance out the analytical with the emotional sides.  I also had to awaken some core remembrance.

I was recently shown a quick vision similar to this picture I found online.  All of the answers are in our mind/body.  Yet when one is stressed, worried, angry, upset (oh the list could go on), a fog/chemicals fills our mind.  In a fog, you just can’t see the options or possible answer.  We also create our own veils and walls – yikes and crap.  Yet, once one knows this, you know you also have the power to let them fall.  Your body does know what you can handle and there is no sense in pushing it.

In my journey, moments have arisen where quick action seemed needed.  Yet… I wasn’t always quite sure what, to do.  You can overthink and make a list of all the pro’s and con’s.  You can have a knee jerk reaction and allow your emotions to take over and then act… more like react.  For me – oh my on those moments.  While at times they came from place of deep love (and yes at times other emotions), no wonder the situation then took another unexpected turn.

Our society is all about quick response and instant gratification.  Asking for a moment/day/week to meditate/ponder/think over a situation might not be well received.  Who cares.  This is your life and you need to do what is best for you.  Do not let perceived pressure fool you.  If it’s meant to be, nothing will stop it from happening.  Honor your process.  Remember, we are not robots/machines that can spit out instant responses/solutions.  (Well, we can but we are so much more than this.)

Take a few minutes.  Turn down the noise.  Get in your heart space.  Open, breathe and feel love and peace.  Get calm and comfortable in your own energy.  Then connect to your mind.  Calm it down.  Slower… slower.  Synch your heart to your mind.  Breathe.  Let all the random thoughts, fears and worries fade away.  Allow the fog to lessen.  Now, what do you see/hear/feel?  You might need to repeat this process several times before you get to a new, knowing.  From there you can calmly and with more confidence proceed.

And if you’re awakening, don’t be surprised if you feel these brain fog moments.  Energy is being flooded into your mind to loosen a few things up (old patterns) and create new pathways.  You will feel a bit, spacey.  This is just a stage and you’ll return to your new normal soon.  🙂

So happy practicing, remembering and then acting (verses reacting).  What you seek is seeking you – turn inward.  In love, light and service.


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