Heart Shaped Clouds

Today it was to rain buckets all day but all of a sudden the sun came out – yes, symbolic.  Change can happen fast.  I walked outside to be greeted by several heart shaped clouds… and I didn’t even need to ask!  Love it and… love is in the air.  So a quick update on what I’m experiencing and then what I’m being given to pass along.  Do you notice that I often save the best for last… it just happens that way 🙂

I went to bed and ended up wrestling with myself for most of the night.  Over the years I’ve had nights like these.  I could feel myself in a tennis match or tug of war with Spirit/a council/The Universe/Other side.  I’d give my report and they’d respond.  I wouldn’t like the response so I’d pled my case.  And then… they’d set me straight, lol.  Yet this time, there was no other side.  It was all, in me. Yikes!  Yet I awoke knowing the process I’ve been going through these past 12 months was… not complete yet, complete enough. This new moon was about intention, a restart and magic.  So I was making some pretty strong proposals.  The Universe though was reminding me of the plan.  For me in this moment, I AM right where I’m supposed to be, doing what I do.  Magic is happening, NOW.

So I noted in my notebook this morning, Another month on this journey and more, change.  How long does a butterfly live?  I feel I have been a thousand these past few years.  Pulling in and then coming out.  Fluttering all about to then be back in another cocoon – often not even remembering the death part.  I just seem to awake in another cocoon.  Years now of needing time and space for this process yet I often wish to rush it.   And I then looked up and the largest butterfly I’ve seen startled me; cued by the Universe, dancing in my face.  Oh I can’t make this stuff up.  And you, too, might feel the same about the process.  We are growing though and becoming more colorful.

What I seem to know to pass along is about, relationships.  There seems to be some sudden/unexpected endings.  This song, Unfaithful by Rihanna (<3 her) came on the radio and I could feel it in every cell.  So I share for healing and clearing purposes.  Sing it – scream it… start the process.  While this song might not fit your situation, then find one that does.  Years ago my song was, I’ll pray for you by Jaron – haha.  Good fun.  Lighten up people!  In these times of great change, we have to find humor!

The interesting thing for me was several days ago in meditation the, next partners, stepped forward.  So this tells me they are walking energetically right next to you.  They already know you.  They are close.  It might take “time” until you meet them.  You have to get your energy right.  And your next partner might not be what you think.  While it might be your next soul mate, if might be more of a companion/friend who just gets you to your next stage.  Keep your hearts open.  Now is not the time to close.  Really everyone loves you… even the one who has just broken your heart.  They love you that much to play a very difficult role in your life.  For now though, honor your process and heart.

And… if your in a good relationship, why do we often soooo take this for granted.  Make time to express your gratitude.  Make a new moment.  ❤

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